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A Introduction to Children Games

18 Aug,2020

A Introduction to Children Games

A Introduction to Children Games
Parents who are still unsure about children games can read this article to read about Online Soroban's take on electronic educational methods.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What Do Parents Need to Know About Children Games?

What Do Parents Need to Know About Children Games?

As parents, teachers, or caretakers of young kids, a question that comes up many times is always the same- how can learning be made entertaining?

In the last few years, technology has helped broaden horizons when it comes to making education beneficial and also enjoyable.

Due to COVID, some parents will be teaching their little ones from home and some will be doing so for the first time. In this article, Online Soroban will discuss some ways to make education fun via educational games as well as when and how to take a break.


1-1.What Are Children Games?

What Are Children Games?
These are known as fun entertaining activities that little kids can do that will help them learn at the same time.

Most of them are those where players are roleplaying to fully understand social problems or even games that teach the subjects in school.

There are many different types of educational children's games, both online and ones not needing WiFi.

Growing up, PBSkids.org was a personal favorite of mine.

There are not just games for younger kids but for older kids as well.

One of which that I enjoyed was time management activity where the player is left home alone watching their younger sibling and they have to make the right choices to win.

Some of these choices include choosing between a slice of cake or an apple for a snack as well as if the door should be opened to strangers or not.


1-2.Is It Possible to Play Online Children Games?

Is It Possible to Play Online Children Games?
In this section of the article, we will talk about a few websites your kids can play online.

Coolmath.com was a popular as well as entertaining website to go onto.

As a child, I was always happy to visit when I had some free time in school.

However, coolmath.com is geared more towards younger teens but coolmath4kids.com is better for the younger children.

Like a lot of kids, math was not my favorite subject, but coolmath helped students become more familiar with the subject.

On the website, a game called "Crazy Taxi M-12" is known to help students with multiplication while providing a fun break from schoolwork.

In the game, the player can score points by crashing into cars that have the correct solution to a multiplication problem as well as jump over obstacles and change speed using the arrow keys and space bar.

Another big online educational game platform that is also multiplayer is called Poptropica.

A personal favorite among kids, Poptropica was created by Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney! Poptropica has many different islands to choose and explore while also being safe for children to play.

On one of the islands called Time Tangled, students are able to learn history by going back in time to meet people like Lewis and Clark!

Another island, Super Power Island, needs the player save the day by capturing 6 different villains that also have powers that escaped from jail.

Students had fun playing this island because it could be difficult at times to get a certain villain back behind bars.

After messing up repeatedly, a child can learn to stop and think about how to solve the problem, which prepares them for adulthood, while still having fun.

Another game that encourages multiple players to play is called Kahoot! Kahoot! is great for students and little kids of all ages.

It started off being used by teachers to help their students review for an upcoming test in a fun, interactive way.

Now, the website and app can be used by anyone and quizzes can be made up about any educational topic.

Kahoot! users can send a link to a quiz they've created to as many people as they want and invite them to join in on the fun!


1-3. Benefits and Warnings of Children Games

Benefits and Warnings of Children Games
As you can see, there are many different ways to make learning a great experience for your little ones.

Educational children's games, in particular, improves problem-solving as well as critical thinking.

Such games involve children making the right decision in a timely manner and solving problems in order to progress.

Educational entertainment also helps better a child's memory.

So many of these fun activities online require a player to memorize and learning memorization while they are young can help them later in life when they are adults.

Playing, whether at home or in the classroom, helps your little ones participate actively and enthusiastically in their learning without the use of boring flashcards and other overrated learning tools.

While using technology is an amazing way to teach children, too much of a good thing can be bad.

It is vital to manage screen time when using a phone, tablet, or computer.

One way to do that is by setting time limits, which will help children learn when to expect they will need to take a break from the screen.

Doing so, however, requires a parent or teacher to be consistent in making the decision to take a necessary break from the screens.

Keeping family time at the dinner table free from electronics is also a way to help manage screen time.

Growing up, family dinner was the time for my parents and I get to connect and talk about each other's day.

A 2011 research study pointed out that watching television during dinner led to an increase of 69 minutes during the week and 122 minutes on the weekend of screen time.

A 2015 research study showed that when a cell phone was brought to the table during dinner, the result was lack of quality in conversation and lack of depth in connection, even when the cell phone was off.

Children learn by the example their parents set and avoiding the use of a cell phone or TV while talking to children is a good way to promote appropriate use of technology.

Avoiding screen time while engaging with children makes interactions through conversation and active play the main priority.


By using technology to introduce children to educational games, there are a plethora of benefits that will prepare children on their journey to adulthood.

Such games can also be found many places online while also providing a safe place for children to have fun.

However, moderation is key, and learning to limit a child's screen time can lead to benefiting the entire family.



Where Can I Find Children Games With Free Download?
Where Can I Find Children Games With Free Download?
We will tell you all about children games that comes with free download. Learn together alongside your children with games plus free download!

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