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Brain training games for adults free

15 Jan,2020

Brain Training Games for Adults - Free for All!

Brain Training Games for Adults - Free for All!
What are brain training games, and what makes it necessary?

In this article, we will explain and show you how brain training games will help you, your brain, and your life.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Brain training game type and recommend game



1. Brain training game type and recommend game

Brain training game type and recommend game

Brain games are not only made to help our little children's developing brains, but they are also made to improve reflex, brain activity, and help to make an individual more alert in everything he does.
Besides creating brain games for children, the developers at Online Soroban have created brain games for adults too.

After reading this article, you will be able to learn all about the free brain training games that are actually useful and helpful for building and exercising the brain.


1-1.3 Things You Need To Know About Brain Training Games

3 Things You Need To Know About Brain Training Games
Games that are made to simulate the brains are known as games that 'train' the brain.

Just like how we exercise to build muscles, we must do brain exercises to build and strengthen our brains.

There is an abundance of brain games that are made to be played easily and there are also games that are complex.

As no two humans are made the same, there is no formula for brain training.

Every individual is different and that means that certain brain games may not work for everyone.

Many varieties of games have different difficulties ranging from the traditional crossword puzzles to the age-old sudoku, or even complex reflex related brain games like Tetris.

Regardless of age, doctors, caregivers, parents, and even teachers use brain games to improve the brain's mental functioning and keep the brain from aging.


1-2.Traditional Brain Games For Everyone

Traditional Brain Games For Everyone
Games developed today are mostly created online, for mobile and for computers.

Let us take a trip down memory lane and learn about 5 old fashion brain games that are still being played today.

Afterall, oldies are goodies. Chess - Chess is a two-player game that involves players strategically moving and placing their chess pieces on the chessboard to check the opponent's king.

The square board houses sixty-four smaller squares (with eight by eight smaller squares in it) and sits with sixteen pieces including a single queen and king piece, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, and eight pawns.

When a player declares a checkmate, the player will be in the position opposite the losing team's king without being stopped.

This is a game that requires foresight, strategic thinking, and prediction skills. It is one of the best brain games that has existed for a long time.

Chinese Chess - The Chinese chess works similarly to the English Chess where pawns, soldiers, and other pieces move to capture the opponent's king.

Alternatively, a player can lose if he/she is out of legal moves to play. It is also a game that helps train the brain as it requires thinking and strategic movement to win the game.

Bridge - I remember watching my neighbor play Bridge when I was younger and it involved a minimum of four players.

This card game, which is most likely older than my parents and I, if one of the best card games that require players to have a good memory, strategic thinking, and focus.

To win the game, players must be quick-witted, logical, and even have good reflex.

Besides building brain muscles, this age-old brain game also helps build patience and partnership skills.

Bingo - A game that I have personally played as a child, this is a game where players have to be attentive to the numbers called and strike out as many numbers as possible.

In the five by five bingo card, it has numbers written in a completely random manner.

The first player to have five rows of numbers called out wins.


1-3. Brain Games Online For Adults

Brain Games Online For Adults
The most common way to find a game to start playing is by getting it online.

Many brain games are the same too.

Here, we will talk about where to find sudoku, crossword puzzles, and Online Soroban's own brain game online.

Sudoku has been around for an extremely long time. It is a game where players have to fill in numbers from one to nine in a puzzle made out of nine by nine squares, subdivided into even smaller grids of three by threes.

In every row, column, and box, numbers one to nine can only appear once.

A difference in number placement can completely change the outcome of the game.

This game trains the brain's relationship with numbers, logical thinking, and patience.

It is a game that also relaxes the player.

If you are looking for a stress-free game, sudoku is one of them.

You can find this game on websudoku to start playing it today.

Crossword puzzles are one of my favorite games to play as a child.

Also known as a word search game it is usually made out of a rectangular grid of white and black squares.

There are other shapes possible but the shape does not change the outcome of the game much.

Players must follow clues and use logical reasoning to fill the boxes up with alphabets to form words.

You will win the game once you have filled the boxes up.

As a bonus, this brain game improves your command of English too.

Theguardian’s website has free crosswords updated daily.

Following the trend of online brain games, Online Soroban has created a brain game that is inspired by the Japanese abacus world championships.

It is a brain game created for adults that are intended to improve their addition skills.

This way, they will be able to learn how to use mental calculation better and easier.

This game is played with a series of numbers flashing on the screen.

After each set of numbers has flashed by, the player is to use the abacus to quickly calculate numbers in their head.

As the difficulty scales up, players will have to respond faster and calculate faster.

This helps adults to train their brains with the use of addition and maths. This game helps an individual in his day to day activities too.

With better mental calculation, his brain is able to work things out quickly because he had sufficient brain training.

A game that focuses on addition helps to keep players entertained without having the feeling of being forced to study.

This abacus game also lets you play with other players online and offline.

That way, they can still have social interaction to positively influence them to continue.

For parents who have kids, this is a game that parents and kids can play together online.

It is completely free to try and if you are interested, you can contact us to start your free trial today.



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