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Can You Learn With Fast Math Apps Online?

28 Aug,2020

Can You Learn With Fast Math Apps Online?

Can You Learn With Fast Math Apps Online?
What can parents and caretakers know about fast math app online?

This article covers topics about how students from all over the world can improve their maths with a little tool called the abacus.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What Do You Know About Fast Math App?

What Do You Know About Fast Math App?

Technology as we all know has been progressing each day.

In today's generation, every child has a mobile phone or a laptop or any other electronic device and they are much more advanced.

Studies have become something that students dislike as they do not want the same old classes and they experiment with a new pattern of studying.

They expect visual learning, they want amazing graphics and they want to be engaged much with virtual learning or even video lectures which have endless pictorial descriptions about the smallest of smallest things. In this way, a child is more attracted to studying.

Educational technology with various things improves the user’s academic performance.

Due to educational technology, teachers and learners come together in the most effective way.

If a student is introduced to education with the help of technology, he/she automatically gets much more interested in his/her studies and concentrates ten times more.

It is because, with the progressing technology, students are much more comfortable with the modern ways of teaching and computers are their best friends so why not change our methodology and introduce education with the help of technology.

In this way, students, as well as teachers, will learn new things and progress ahead in life in terms of knowledge and education.

In this article, we will read about how you can use technology to learn quick calculation skills.


1-1.Do Fast Math App Exists?

Do Fast Math App Exists?
Anything is possible with technology and electronics, which means that we can learn about abacus and fast math online.

As mentioned, the world is progressing so fast that the smallest of smallest things can be easily done online.

With a stable internet connection and an app, you can do wonders.

There are many app designed especially for young children and teenagers to learn many new things and there are endless math courses over the internet to do.

Learning abacus is one of the best decisions to make as it increases efficiency and its accuracy leading to faster calculations as your mental mathematics gets way too sharpened after learning abacus.

As children spend way too much time on their laptops and mobiles, parents can guide them into downloading certain math games which help the child with mental mathematics.

Some of the applications like Online Soroban’s educational app about abacus.

They make use of the soroban to help students understand better about fast math and even helps with brain development in children too.

With the help of these fast and short games, a child can learn abacus and increase his ability of mental math learning.


1-2.What Are the Benefits of Using Fast Math App?

What Are the Benefits of Using Fast Math App?
Learning abacus by playing games has proved to be very beneficial for so many young kids and children all over the world.

As a child would be more interested in playing a game than learning online, how about the game being designed in disguise in an educational way?

As the child plays the game, he/she is just so involved in playing that they do not look elsewhere and concentrates on the game instead?

As a result, this helps his thinking cells and memory cells as they become sharper and stronger.

Once the child has finished the game, he/she does not even realize that they have earned knowledge like fast math skills through the game.

It truly does help in making complex arithmetical calculations very easily without the use of a calculator.

When a child plays abacus related games during their formative years, they develop extraordinary skills in logic, understanding, and math.

With time, their level of concentration and accuracy increases.

Abacus games could work as an exercise of the brain.

Abacus games are a playful way of learning an amazing skill.

One can learn it at any part of his/her life but the earlier, the better.

They can even learn it when they are three years old, as long as they know numbers from one to ten!

When a child gets boosted towards their mathematical skills at an early age, they tend to become even more confident.

Every child will be interested in learning mathematics especially when they are having so much fun doing so.

Abacus games strengthen one's mind, open up one's mind, and also give a positive outlook.

Abacus training games definitely gives us an opportunity to understand that a new methodology can broaden the horizon of our future generation.

To make things even sweeter, the ISHIDO-SHIKI’s education methods are created for children to be able to learn how to manage their emotions, their discipline, and even helps them prepare for their very lesson in school! 


1-3. The Significance of Combining Education and Technology

The Significance of Combining Education and Technology
A child will be more interested in learning a particular math problem if they are interested in it.

Now, as we all know, children are much more interested in games than in studies.

So, if we combine math games with abacus education, the child will not even understand that he is receiving so much knowledge as he is also having fun at the same time.

At times, parents do not realize that games are beneficial too.

When they stop the child from playing games and pressurizes them to study, a child is unable to think straight as it has decreased the knowledge and motivation of the child too.

It's the parents’ duty to introduce the child to certain math games that are related to their education and combine it with fun games like app you see online.

A parent can also introduce the child to offline as well as online math games to create a balance between these two.

There are so many online games related to mathematics that a child can play and using the abacus is easily the best example.

These games help stimulate the brain to enhance mental mathematical skills.

Furthermore, abacus games are helpful to help little ones build their socializing skills and even their critical thinking skills too.

The brain of the child is much more active when they are playing games so when combined with education, it would definitely give parents the desired results.


When education is combined with fast math games, it interests the students into learning more and with the help of the online app and offline games.

These fast math app encourage mental math to be learned.

With innovation in app, this generation could go one step ahead.

Combining education with fast math games is important as it helps with increasing confidence, ability, and capability of a student.



Fast Math, The Best Mental Calculation Skill
Fast Math, The Best Mental Calculation Skill
Math is a topic that will be used on a day to day basis. Get your child to learn and master maths in the most efficient way possible.


The six forces produced by the abacus
The six forces produced by the abacus
The six forces produced by the abacus.abacus has many chances to change your future

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