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Educational Games That Improves Math Online for Free

18 Oct,2020

Educational Games That Improves Math Online for Free

Educational Games That Improves Math Online for Free
The perception of educational games have changed.

Parents used to be against playing too much, but many students learn better when they are engaged in fun activities.

This article tells you everything you need to know about the entertainment online that improves maths.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Educational Games for Math Students Online

Educational Games for Math Students Online

Video games were fairly criticised in the early days by parents and guardians for being distracting and inappropriate, but that notion soon has changed lately.

Due to insufficient studies and research were done on how exactly video games impact children, the direct correlation between education and video games took its time to unveil.

As most of us are aware of the current day situation, video games have tremendously diversified education programmes for young children.

We can now find tons of examples of teachers and schools using video games and other digital means of education like the animation to teach young children.

Early education via digital platforms is necessary for the current generation to get them in a parallel position with the ever-advancing world technology and affairs.

Majority of the digital platforms like Apple, Android and Windows are rich in countless learning courses, games and other educational apps.

While it is mandatory for children to experience these learning techniques, they must be done under the guidance of parents and teachers for desired results.


1-1.Combining Education and Games Math

Combining Education and Games Math
Soon after studies conducted how video games are helpful in building concentration, memory and cognitive skills in gamers, the educational society took quick notice of this.

Teachers were compelled to introduce fun activities in their curriculum and find out for themselves how video game actually worked.

As a result of optimistic decisions on many levels by teachers and guardians, soon video entertainment were slowly picking up traction.

Subjects like mental calculation could be methodically explained with the help of video games.

In order to understand how video classes and activities could be used as an effective tool to educate, let’s consider a simple example of a duck shooting game.

Most of us might have played or seen the game where you use a digital gun or mouse pointer to shoot moving ducks.

This game requires you to track the duck which is moving in random directions and shoot them accurately for points and in-game rewards.

Tracking the duck needs attention, focus and tracking skills which are improved as children practise and play more.

Keeping a track of the points and adding them as your score helps children understand the concept of numbers and arithmetic operations.

Video games can bridge the gap between lessons and students in a fashion that is not possible with traditional teaching techniques.

While all teaching methods have their pros and cons, it is essential to notice the multiple areas that are covered by video games.


1-2.What Are Educational Games and Its Importance of Math

What Are Educational Games and Its Importance of Math
Video games designed with the purpose of enhancing certain areas of the brain while expanding the overall mental potential.

We can find a staggering amount of games online that use music, animation and dialogues to create a very interactive and interesting learning experience for kids.

Online Soroban is a beautifully crafted website that offers extensive learning options for kids of varying age.

On the home page, it is really easy to find what learning goals we are trying to accomplish.

So let’s say we are looking to teach addition and subtraction of numbers, by clicking on the tab that says the introduction, we can access that section.

It will give you a list of classes designed by various teachers, which apply different techniques to teach how to add and subtract numbers.

Children may like some activities more than others, but that is the fantastic thing about having multiple options at hand.

Similarly, there are even apps on Google play store and the Apple app store.

Many may find themselves overwhelmed with the options and wonder which is best for them, in which case it is advised to seek consultation with reviews online and academic professionals.


1-3. Learning Educational Mental Math With Games Math Online

Learning Educational Mental Math With Games Math Online
Educational games are designed with a healthy objective to teach children and get them used to technology which is highly coherent with the requirements at the time.

Mathematics naturally tends to be a vital area of struggle for students as well as teachers.

Teachers use their best experiences and knowledge to teach their students.

Parents/guardians and teachers seeking to teach simple and effective ways to teach fast calculation can now turn one of the many games that focus on teaching mathematical concepts and mental math.

Our soroban school is one of the online schools that boast a number of games and activities on their website that teach various mental math techniques.

Upon close evaluation, it is evident that these games are created by certified teachers and offer the best learning experience for kids.

Students are able to quickly latch to numerical logic and their operations due to the close interaction interface that games offer.

Video games are especially a boon for a substantial number of students who find it difficult to comprehend and learn math using pen and paper.

Games are able to provide an alternate perspective to understand math, making it broadly successful for students of all ages and academic backgrounds.

Since games are able to offer a temporary reward system for the efforts you put, it can quickly become very useful in helping children understand the concept of working hard for desirable returns.


Although we are all familiar with traditional ways of teaching mathematics, we must also familiarise ourselves with the ever-changing community of science and technology.

Video games are slowly taking over a large part of the curriculum when it comes to pre-school and kindergarten students.

Due to the potency of video games, they are not only a viable but a necessary measure when it comes to a child’s education.

It is important to understand that while traditional teaching techniques are more focussed on the concepts, games are very effective in stimulating other regions of the brain that boost creativity, confidence and even morale.



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