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Free Young Children's Games on the Internet: January 2021

06 Jan,2021

Free Young Children's Games on the Internet: January 2021

Free Young Children's Games on the Internet: January 2021
Free young children's games on the internet are increasing.

How can parents learn to identify the good game for children?

Learn about useful educational tools and how it can help your growing children.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Free Young Children's Games at Home

Free Young Children's Games at Home

Video games are not just a fad anymore.

The science community has come forward to back the revelations they discovered working with video games during research.

We have reasonable data to believe that video games are not just fun-oriented.

In fact, they have a lot more to do with your mental growth and development than previously believed.

This by no means goes to say that children should be allowed to play a lot of video games.

There is a balance that needs maintenance while learning and training at that age.

Parents and teachers come into the picture because they are the regulators and the moderators responsible for undertaking critical responsibilities.

Certain areas like mathematics can be a thorn in the foot, which may need addressing and special reforms.

Every child has a strong genetic influence from their parents, which means they are prone to individual weaknesses and strengths.

Parents are the best educators for children in early life since they have their own personal experience as a child which they can refer to.

Although the world is growing fast with advancements in tech, internet applications, and science, the basic priorities of child care and development remain the same.

Parents can get an upper hand by getting educated on updated child care measures.

Besides that, we have professional help from experts, teachers, and psychologists that can also provide helpful information and insights into your child’s problems.


1-1.Free Young Children's Games for Children

Free Young Children's Games for Children
Math games nowadays are coming from people who want to share their passion for math and games.

Chess is one of those games which require players to portray the utmost mental strength and skills.

It is a prime example of how games can bend the rules of education in their own way.

Chess championships held around the world is a competition between some of the strongest minds on this planet.

Sudoku is another math game in which players have to arrange numbers in a fixed matrix by means of certain rules which are purposely created to invoke a challenge.

Math games are loosely based on the basic operations that we do in daily life and school, however with their own added twist.

They encourage you to think outside of the box to come up with solutions.

This enhances the thought structure and mental strength of players.

Every major digital platform like apple, android, and windows has a large collection of math games for children based on varying ages and complexity.

Parents can demo a game beforehand and see if it truly fits the needs of their kids.

On the other hand, we have games based on an abacus, which turns over a completely new deal for kids.

Math games are not only fun but also very helpful from an academic standpoint.


1-2.Benefits of Play Learning And Free Young Children's Games

Benefits of Play Learning And Free Young Children's Games
As we mentioned before, mathematics can be a difficult pill to swallow for young kids.

Some people are naturally more right-brained, which makes them good in fields like art and sports, but they may face difficulties with analysis and math.

To put this in general terms, most children face difficulties when trying to get a grip on mathematics because of either poor teaching techniques or learning problems.

Games based on math skills can help your child get rid of any anxiety they might be facing.

Games made for young children are fun, entertaining, musical, interactive, full colors, and interesting characters.

Games can essentially help children forget about any distracting elements in their minds and improve their concentration or focus power.

Games, movies, and drama are great sources of character development and training.

They also make up for some of the most memorable moments of childhood that people will cherish for life.


1-3. Using Abacus as Free Young Children's Games

Using Abacus as Free Young Children's Games
Typically speaking, you can start training your kids with an abacus toy from the age of twelve months.

By that time most kids would have grown strong enough to bear the tool in their hand and not accidentally get hurt by it.

Abacus is a great way to set about on your mathematical journey.

Teachers in the preschool, nursery, and kindergarten have employed this technique for decades now.

The benefits of abacus are pretty much common knowledge so far, but there is still more work to be done.

Many parents are only now finding out about it through the power of the internet.

Schools have started giving out abacuses to their students as part of the curriculum.

There are many upsides to having an abacus by your side in school.

Unlike a digital calculator, an abacus tool actually makes you do all the work mentally while it provides assistance for it.

The truly innovative part here is that students are actually doing the mathematical calculations by themselves mentally.

The tool merely helps them keep a track of their count and some variables.

Children can enjoy abacus based games in their playtime besides using the tool in math class.

Using an abacus in school has a significant impact on the student’s confidence levels, math skills, concentration, cognition, and motor development.


Google is the top search engine on the internet right now.

Amongst all the information that parents and students can access on the internet for educational purposes, we will be focussing our attention on math games.

A simple google search loosely based on the keywords, ‘math games for children’, will yield you upwards of a thousand websites and apps.

Most of these games and apps are free or cost very little.

That being said, we also have prime learning modules and certified lessons on the internet which can cost you thousands of dollars.

The internet is a massive galore of information, data, ideas, and businesses, if parents are not taking maximum benefits from this service in 2021, they are costing their kids a good chance of education and growth.



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