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How Do You Use Online Abacus Course to Learn?

23 Aug,2020

How Do You Use Online Abacus Course to Learn?

How Do You Use Online Abacus Course to Learn?
Online abacus courses are increasing in popularity.
Parents who are interested to know about learning platforms can learn more about us here.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What Do You Know About Online Abacus Course?

What Do You Know About Online Abacus Course?

The soroban, also known as the abacus, is a counting device that is used to do mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, ad division it is built with a frame consist of beads and a bar.

The calculation is done by moving the beads up and down respectively even though it is considered as a counting device by our elders.

This calculating tool is an aiding device which helps peoples to visualize calculation and allowing people to do calculations faster.

Due to its simple structure and simplicity, the soroban was adopted by many cultures around the world such as Japanese, Chinese Russian, and Romans.

Even after the introduction of calculators, people are still using the abacus to do calculations.

The main reason for that is using the soroban will not only help you in solving a math problem, but it will also train the brain and improve its abilities.

Learning how to use this tool to do mental calculations has so many benefits, especially when learned at a young age.

Learning about this tool is useful and can help a person to be smarter.

Now that with the development of technology, there are plenty of new and innovative ways for you to learn a completely new skill online comfortably.


1-1.Can You Learn Online With Abacus Courses at Home?

Can You Learn Online With Abacus Courses at Home?
Now with technology and the internet, we can learn from anywhere in the world.

The act of educating a child at home instead of sending them to a school is a rising trend seen in western countries and is accepted by some parents to be the most suitable way of providing education.

Learning remotely can be done with a child’s parent, from a private tutor, or even with just a computer.

A tool which helps in educating a student while they are at home is known as homeschooling tools.

Now, students will no longer have to be physically present in an abacus school to learn abacus. Instead, people can learn abacus while staying at their homes.

Online Soroban is the perfect example of how parents are able to introduce a completely new topic just be using the internet.


1-2.Where Can You Find Online Abacus Course?

Where Can You Find Online Abacus Course?
themselves immersed in different worlds with a website that has a lot of books on the web.

There is a tool available for children and educators and the main purpose of this app is to allow children to get accessed to thousands of e-books and audiobooks.

Here, an educator can sign up for the site and create a virtual classroom where children can join by using a code known as class code.

Once the students log in to the classroom, they will have access to virtual books and audiobooks.

There are also platforms where students from different geographical locations can come together and have fun.

Quizlet is a tool for parents and teachers.

Here, the teachers can sign up and create various study sets which include slides, descriptions, and even a test.

The teachers have the liberty to create and modify study sets according to their wishes.

Once they created their study sets they can publish it and the students can access the study set and learn.

Abacus educators can create study sets and publish it using this tool once the study set is published students can access it and learn it online while at home.

You can even learn how to use the soroban together by using video calling apps!

Video calling application such as zoom and skype is one of the best homeschooling tools mainly because it allows students and teachers to get connected without being physically present in the same place.

Learning through video calling have so many advantages such as its free, and since it's in real-time students and teachers can communicate within each other and create a proper virtual classroom.

With this app, you can enhance your learning experience with our soroban school.

Mastering the mental calculation is made so much easier when you are able to grasp learning content with engaging videos and animation.


1-3. How Can Online Abacus Course Help in Brain Development?

How Can Online Abacus Course Help in Brain Development?
Our soroban school does a range of educational content for students and even aspiring teachers.

With us, students are seen to have an increase in concentration.

When using the soroban, we concentrate on the beads and its movements and this will increase the concentration abilities.

Increasing memory can also happen as even though soroban is known as a calculating device, it is also an aid device that helps you do the calculation using your head.

It also helps with visualizing abilities as the soroban is all about visualization, you visualize the number in the form of beads and this can help you improving visualizing abilities.

Soroban and maths work together to improve their analytical skills.

When doing calculations using a soroban, we analyze the position and the formation of the beads to get the output.

This can increase the analytics skills of a person.

Have your self-confidence improve with us too.

Continuous usage of the abacus can help you in doing calculation quicker and without the help from any calculators, this increases the self-confidence of a person because he doesn’t have to rely on anyone or any device.

There are also many benefits of remote learning as students are able to experience different things that they would otherwise could never.

For instance, they will be able to learn with enchanting visuals.

The best age to learn about an abacus is at a young age is around 5 years old.

Learning abacus is easy and fun but it can be complicated sometimes.

The best way to teach abacus is by making it more visual than just verbal.

When you learn with us, there will be animated features that can guide the students to look and learn every step one by one in a more visually decorated way.

It is also more cost-effective. First, modern-day abacus teachers are rare to find and expensive mostly because abacus classes are taught individually or in small batches.

This increases the tuition fees but when you do it remotely, it is really easy to find and it is cheap too.


With online abacus courses, children can access their study material at any place at any time.

They can study at their own pace and they are not forced or rushed to finish the course before a specific time.

Especially with coronavirus, children can stay home and study with comfort rather than spending time and energy on traveling and attending the class.



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