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November 2020 New Issue: Building Children's Positive Behavior With the Abacus by 73%

18 Nov,2020

November 2020 New Issue: Building Children's Positive Behavior With the Abacus by 73%

November 2020 New Issue: Building Children's Positive Behavior With the Abacus by 73%

The colorful beads of the abacus, the coordination of the eye and hand, and also the way it is designed to play a crucial role in keeping stimulating our brain and keeping it healthy.

While learning an abacus you are focusing on various parts for say; the abacus, the exercise we are providing for positive children's experience, and the after-benefits of it.

Thus keeping your brain active and sharpening your memory over time.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Innovative Ways for Building Children's Positive Behavior Online

Innovative Ways for Building Children's Positive Behavior Online

The most positive growth is seen when families put in more time, energy, and love in developing the children's personality and behavior.

Parents play a major role in this.

Parents can do much more than what anybody else can also do.

Parents and teachers together can influence children’s behavior very positively.

If parents neglect their children in any way, it affects their personality development.

Parents and teachers need to be very calm and understanding of the child.

They need to push the kids towards good things for example reading, painting, teaching good habits.


1-1.How Can Good Mentors Contribute to Building Children's Positive Behavior

How Can Good Mentors Contribute to Building Children's Positive Behavior
When you learn with good mentors, students will naturally be influenced by positive behavior too.

A good mentor possesses qualities like willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise.

A bright and positive mentor will never judge the student and will always calm the student down even if they fail.

The mentor will teach the child to sacrifice to win or achieve something in life.

If the child fails to achieve anything, the mentor will teach the child to accept defeat and to start all over again.

When you learn with good mentors, students will feel safe and secure because their behavior will be corrected.

Positive encouragement from children’s mentors will result in children with good behavior.


1-2.Building Children's Positive Behavior With Just Fundamentals

Building Children's Positive Behavior With Just Fundamentals
All of us may think that mathematics is a tough subject until they understand the depth of it and realize how important it is as it helps a child to have a positive personality.

Learning abacus is very good for your brain.

Research also proves that children who solve mathematical problems have higher thinking capacity than those who do not solve them.

It also says that the brain regions that help you do math are recruited in decision-making which is one of the most important aspects of a student.

Math also helps you read the clock, that is it helps you to 'tell time'.

For big businesses, having a strong command of math can be helpful as it helps you with finances since you have a better understanding of the profit or loss that you might face.

Math also helps you to be a better cook or a better baker since you know what kind of measurements you have to maintain while you add the ingredients to your meal and sweet treat.

Math helps you to add exact quantities with the help of measurement cups of measuring spoons.

It also helps you to cook properly for the number of people present.

Math could also help you to shop at a good sale.

Bargaining starts only if you have proper knowledge about how to spend your money and what is your budget for the day.

We in short are surrounded by math and as each day passes, we learn more and more.

Mathematics automatically builds confidence and encourages positive behavior in a child as the child can think and process things and situations very logically instead of just randomly thinking.

The child learns how to think logically and how to apply it in real life.

Mathematics helps a person grow positively thereby improving their behavior too.


1-3. The Use of the Abacus for Building Children's Positive Behavior

The Use of the Abacus for Building Children's Positive Behavior
Not everyone is aware of the positive benefits abacus can give and how amazing the use of an abacus truly is.

When we speak about abacus, we are in short speaking about calculations, speed, logic, accuracy.

When a child is taught about an abacus, they are fascinated with the colorful beads and hence they develop an interest in learning it.

With the help of the abacus, students who are least interested in the subject of mathematics will also automatically start liking it and will be eager to solve mathematical problems.

Globally, the abacus is known as a famous mathematical and logical building aid used by students.

With the help of an abacus, various skills can be enhanced.

You can learn abacus through online and offline modes too.

Educational abacus applications help the child to overcome their fears of studying.

Abacus learning enhances mathematical skills and logical thinking.

This is not just bound to rote learning but a child can easily go and apply this practically in life.

Abacus learning benefits one in the long term in increasing one's self-esteem by teaching one to accept challenges and how to think logically.

Abacus learning also provides proper exercise to our brain as it increases our memory power, increases the level of concentration, increases our logical reasoning thinking, and even the improvement of children’s behavior.

Abacus can help your child excel in school as it is the base of mathematics.

Whilst learning abacus, you are not only sharpening your math skills but also increasing your visualizing power.

Along with mathematical skills, your logical thinking can also be enhanced and you can apply logic in complex arithmetic and mathematical problems and then use mental math to calculate the figures and boom!

You have got the answer to the question you are solving.

When you learn abacus, your mental calculation is very much improved.

Mental calculation is done using only the human brain.

There is no involvement of paper/pen/pencil or any device such as the calculator.

People use mental calculation when there is absolutely no device or means available.

People who have an unusually high ability to perform mental calculations are called 'mental calculators'.

To make it sound fancy, some people also call them 'lightning calculators'.

There are also championships held for mental calculation called the 'Mental Calculation World Cup'.

It was first held in the year 2004.

Using an abacus will prove to be beneficial for those who are insecure about themselves in terms of education.

The pros of learning an abacus are like not only 'learning' but also 'enjoying and learning'.


What we conclude from this the above article is that the positive influence of parents, teachers, and elders will influence the children's development and behavior.

We also realize how important mathematics and abacus is to give a proper shape to the knowledge of the child.



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