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November Updated: How to Help and Improve Children's Physical Development by 42%

16 Nov,2020

November 2020 Updated: How to Help and Improve Children's Physical Development by 42%

November Updated: How to Help and Improve Children's Physical Development by 42%

Almost everything we do or everything we experience in our lives are related to math which shows how important math is.

To be good in math, there are many ways that parents can learn about here.

Find out how to help children's physical development and discover how our lives are bound to math.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What and How to Use Tools to Help and Improve Children's Physical Development

What and How to Use Tools to Help and Improve Children's Physical Development

Combining education indoors and outdoors is very necessary as they may be directly related to each other.

They are different but the relationship they share is something that we will learn about in this article.

Our education comprises indoor education and outdoor education which means indoor education plus outdoor education completes 'education'.

The reason is that indoor education gives us a theoretical insight whereas outdoor education gives us a chance to apply the theoretical knowledge in real life which means you can apply your knowledge practically after which the knowledge you gained theoretically makes pure sense as you have actually applied it in real life.


1-1.How to Help Children's Physical Development With Technology

How to Help Children's Physical Development With Technology
Learning abacus in school is one of the most necessary things as an abacus is a tool which is used by many to learn mathematics or rather to excel in mathematics.

Many people can solve mathematical problems using pen and paper but very few can solve it mentally.

Mental calculation is not something you quickly just learn.

It is something that you work on and eventually get better at.

Abacus can help you work with it in ways you might have never thought of.

Regular learning of abacus can prove beneficial in many ways.

There is no age limit as such to learn abacus but it is more beneficial if learned at an early stage as our brain is much more active and grasps many things when we are younger.

Introducing abacus to toddlers in preschool and keeping it mandatory will prove beneficial in the years that follow.

When we talk about learning with technology, we understand that we live in the 21st century and technology has taken a huge step.

The digital world is progressing and when a child learns through online means, they are at their comfort zone and they can have a better imagination as they are exposed to pictures, graphics, and styles which in turn gets the child all interested in learning more and more.

Online learning, widely known as digital learning has been practiced by many countries in the world but recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been practiced by almost everybody and every country as social distancing is mandatory right now.

Hence, everybody has to switch to the online method for both studying and working.

Studying from home and work from home have become a part and parcel of life now.

Before this pandemic, people did not realize the importance of online learning.

It is now that people are made aware of how convenient and easy online learning is.

With just a stable internet connection and a smartphone, one can easily sit at home and access whatever education they want to.

When a child learns about technology, they get advanced more and more each day as they are learning new things every day.

This world of technology has been working positively for every human being as the benefit science and technology give us are endless.


1-2.How to Help Children's Physical Development With Physical Experiment Through Abacus?

How to Help Children's Physical Development With Physical Experiment Through Abacus?
When learning through a physical experiment, understanding is much more and deeper as the knowledge you gained through theoretical means is now being practically applied by you.

You understand the advantages and disadvantages of a particular thing when you learn it through a physical experiment.

You now understand the concept much better and you have no doubts left at the back of your mind.

Learning outdoors is the way to learning physical experiments.

Learning outdoors has been proved more beneficial as it involves physical movements and interaction between children.

Parents play a huge role here as they have to encourage their children to go about and involve themselves with outdoor activities along with their fellow classmates or neighbors.

Outdoor learning includes games which are just not games but also such interesting methods to enhance a specific skill.

Outdoor learning improves physical development.

Physical skills are very important for growth.

It is also necessary for physical coordination.

Outdoor learning could also be used to learn abacus.

Abacus has helped people worldwide to overcome their issues with the subject of mathematics.

Teachers should encourage the involvement of abacus learning in order to lay a strong foundation for mathematics.

They could arrange physical abacus classes after school is over.

Teachers could also set up extra classes and provide abacus notes to students and teach them the benefits of it and how it helps you not only in mathematics but also helps in increasing level of concentration, boosts your memory as abacus helps you to visualize anything as your imagination power is now boosted.

Math is something which is not bound to only books but it is such a subject around which your whole life revolves.

In our day-to-day life, math is used everywhere. We are surrounded by numbers.

The beauty of numbers is beyond one's imagination.

If we sit and wonder about the whereabout of the origin of maths, you will be surprised that almost everything around you is about numbers and calculation.

The basic clock that we use to tell time has numbers in it.

When we purchase something from a shop we spend 'money' which again also imvolves numbers.


1-3. How to Help Children's Physical Development Using the Abacus

How to Help Children's Physical Development Using the Abacus
Not everyone is aware of the endless benefits abacus can give and how amazing the use of an abacus truly is.

When we speak about abacus, we are in short speaking about calculations, speed, logic, accuracy.

When a child is taught about an abacus, they are fascinated with the colorful beads and hence they develop an interest in learning it.

With the help of the abacus, students who are least interested in the subject of mathematics will also automatically start liking it and will be eager to solve mathematical problems.

Abacus learning also provides proper exercise to our brain as it increases our memory power, increases the level of concentration, and increases our logical reasoning thinking.

With the help of an abacus, various skills can be enhanced.

You can learn abacus through online and offline modes too.

Educational abacus applications help the child to overcome their fears of studying.

Abacus learning enhances mathematical skills and logical thinking.

This is not just bound to rote learning but a child can easily go and apply this practically in life.

Globally, the abacus is known as a famous mathematical and logical building aid used by students.

Abacus learning benefits one in the long term in increasing one's self-esteem by teaching one to accept challenges and how to think logically.

With many small successes a student can achieve with Online Soroban, they are able to discover the perks of abacus and gain confidence and self esteem through as series of meaningful and positive experience with learning.


What we understand by the above article is that, indoor, as well as outdoor learning, go hand-in-hand.

When learned together, it has an amazing impact on one's mind as combining education with fun or combining both indoor and outdoor methods of education with an abacus can make your child score more and excel in academics as well as in real life.



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