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Oct 2020 New : Ways to Boost Your Child's Math

17 Oct,2020

Oct 2020 New : Ways to Boost Your Child's Math

Oct 2020 new: Ways to Boost Your Child's Math
Our generation has to take a step towards learning and make it a primary source of learning to boost our children’s academic ability.

Apart from school they go to every day, their way of thinking and dealing with issues will help them become who they are.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. How Can I Boost My Young Child's Love for Education?

How Can I Boost My Young Child's Love for Education?

As it is said, parental monitoring is very mandatory hence a parent or the teacher needs to give your child a headstart before they begin the beautiful journey of learning.

Learning includes understanding.

Without a clear understanding of a concept, learning cannot be applied and used correctly.

The child needs to be under the supervision of their teacher or parent.

When the child starts studying at a young age, their foundation builds up to be very strong with which they start thinking logically.


1-1.Boosts That Our Children Can Enjoy Learning at a Young Age With

Boosts That Our Children Can Enjoy Learning at a Young Age With
One should know how to train a child in a fun way but at the same time one must know how to use discipline as being disciplined is the base of education.

At a younger age, the brain of a child is more active and is ready to grasp whatever the child is exposed to.

Hence, building the concept of learning in your child will not only be beneficial for that age but it will also benefit your child in the near future.

As we grow, we learn and explore so many things. We understand the meaning of specific sentences because we learn about it.

If one makes teaching fun and interesting, the child automatically develops interest.

One can make it interesting by combining education with games.

Some math games or alphabet games made with colourful chart papers could work wonders for young children.

It stimulates their brain and helps them remember things for a longer time.


1-2.Using Technology to Boost Older Children's Academics

Using Technology to Boost Older Children's Academics
Another way to boost your child’s learning is to combine technology.

The benefits of technology are endless. Without technology, we are just nothing.

It is because of the progressing technology that we are able to study and learn easily by just sitting at home with a stable internet connection and a smartphone/laptop etc.

During the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, it is difficult to even step out of the house but technology has made it so easier to connect with each other that education, work, and even big meetings have been happening through online channels.

Our parents are not as invested in technology as us.

They were not exposed to technology hence they do not understand much.

This makes the reason more strong for why technology should be embraced and taught to our child and the generation after.

The older children can take also take advantage of this by using social media to learn too.


1-3. Using the Internet as a Boost for Our Child

Using the Internet as a Boost for Our Child
There is not one thing that is unavailable to learn through the internet.

You can learn any skill, concept, or even dancing, singing, and art through online means.

There are many applications available on Google-Playstore through which you get personalized training but some of them are paid applications and some of them are free.

However, if you are looking for something free, you must learn through the most widely used application- YouTube.

YouTube has been the most used application by a majority of the teenagers and even adults who are now slowly learning about math.

You can easily learn anything and everything through YouTube for free.

You just need to type the thing you need to learn or know!

For instance, with the abacus, you are exposed to so many videos and learning material.

You do not even need to travel far and wide to find the best teacher teaching the abacus.

On YouTube, you can upload videos as well as view videos uploaded by others. It is a give and takes relationship which users share on YouTube.
Some children may get confused and yearn for a structured school.

For instance, children can learn mathematics through various applications.

There are some applications online which are very well designed which freshens your mind and keeps your brain active.

You can learn through games or attend abacus classes created by licensed professionals.

Abacus, a very well known device which can be learned through online means is very beneficial if one wants to sharpen their math skills.

This should be given to children when they are young as a child understands faster and it is also fun to learn it because of its colourful beads.

Abacus learning helps in increasing your mathematical knowledge and logical reasoning.

The pros of learning an abacus are not only just 'learning' but also encourage learning through a series of games and fun activities too.

While learning an abacus you are actually focusing on so many other parts which also include exercising your brain which can sharpen your memory over time.

Learning an abacus increases efficiency and accuracy which leads to calculating faster as your mental math is improved.

After learning an abacus, you will not require a calculator as your mind works like one!

Abacus schools should be established in every area so that children all over can come across this tool and learn it which will only give them positive results.

However, if you would like to give your child the state-of-the-art abacus education, Online Soroban has a comprehensive list of classes that combines fun videos and animated games that helps children boost their self-confidence in themselves and in numbers too.


Introducing tech to your child is interesting and fun which makes a person want to study and learn more.

Parents can safely use computers to teach young toddlers so that they learn it right from their early childhood and then excel in it till they reach their teen years and then apply the same when they are solving math problems at school or coaching classes.

With this, you are enabling your child to think out of the box and gain confidence in their educational decisions.

As much as we choose a personalized model of learning, online methodology brings in new benefits each day which makes one eager to know more and more.



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