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What to Learn With Educational Apps for Kindergarten?

18 Aug,2020

What to Learn With Educational Apps for Kindergarten?

What to Learn With Educational Apps for Kindergarten?
Parents who are unsure about educational apps for kindergarten can find out what it is, and how to use it to maximise their benefit.
Learn how yo manage your child's development and improve their maths with Online Soroban.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What Do You Know About Educational Apps for Kindergarten?

What Do You Know About Educational Apps for Kindergarten?

Educational apps are a great and fun way to keep your kids learning outside of the classroom by using their imagination and help your children enhance their problem-solving skills.

With games and entertainment, help kids learn early academic skills like math or to replace in-school learning.

They have been developed to encourage students of all ages to learn, explore, and generate more interest to make learning easy to get used to.

Modern education along with the combination of mobile applications can do wonders for your children and more importantly, to children living in remote places.

Educational platforms like Online Soroban is a kind of software or a combination of technologies that enables virtual teaching and self-learning.

Here, you are able to learn abacus too.


1-1.What Do Educational Apps Do for Kindergarten Children?

What Do Educational Apps Do for Kindergarten Children?
Learning apps do a lot for your kids in kindergarten and here is a list of some.

It enables your children to learn to classify different objects, match objects with their shadows, find the odd one out, sort objects according to their colors, shapes, etc.

These prepare your children for the early stages of math and abacus development.

With abacus games, your children can compare between two or more numbers and organize them.

Through apps that encourage learning, your child will be aware of the fact that a drum is bigger than a pair of spectacles, which is essential information to prepare him to learn about life.

He will learn to identify and compare numbers with an abacus, think logically, and learn how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

With Online Soroban, you can learn abacus by identifying numbers and find out how counting is another early math skill essential for your child’s development.

Having a strong foundation with numbers and basic math will help your child in the long run.

If your toddler can count from 1 to 10 just by memorizing, that’s half the battle won! The next step is to make him understand the concepts of greater than and less than so that the basic idea is clear.


1-2.What Can Educational Apps for Kindergarten Do?

What Can Educational Apps for Kindergarten Do?
There are many interactive games that motivate your kids to tap, pop balloons, paint on the screen, or perform any other activity with their fingers.

The games on Online Soroban’s website can also help develop their skill in performing tasks, especially with the abacus.

There are games that make your child dance along, jog, skip, and jump.

Perfect for your toddler, these fun times for you and your little one are guaranteed.

Good quality and interactive educational applications know how to grab your child’s attention and stimulate their interest and curiosity.

It’s much better if your child spends time learning and having fun with Online Soroban rather than just mindlessly watching videos with no informative value.

With ISHIDO-SHIKI, learn good manners and positive behavior and habits like discipline and patience right from the beginning.

Good practices like recycling waste, cleaning, and planting also makes a wonderful addition to your child’s early education.

Children imitate what they see on the screen and if the animated characters on the screen are practicing good habits, your child will do, too.

Here are a list of other mobile applications your children can play like Cookie Monster's Challenge App where they help Cookie Monster get his cookies by navigating him through mini-games and challenges.

The games engage children's memory while teaching them self-control, focus, and problem-solving.

Online Soroban app can help your child identify and count numbers from 1 to 20, do simple addition and subtraction and even multiplication and division too.

Young children can also learn with animation and create their own mathematical learning legacy.


1-3. Balancing Technology With Educational Apps for Kindergarten Children

Balancing Technology With Educational Apps for Kindergarten Children
Despite these benefits seen with Online Soroban, you should ensure you balance your children's technology use, as too much time with technology causes children to not get enough exercise.

Lack of exercise is not only bad for their bodies, but it also hurts how their brains function and develop.

In fact, more exercise and less use of electronic devices can help improve grades and reduce behavior problems too.

For instance, cell phones can emit radiation.

Radiation exposure has been linked to cancer, and while there are no hard studies, there should be a limit to cell phone use, especially in young children.

Toddlers aged two through three who played excessively with tech gadgets had negative effects on their cognitive development.

At this age, children need to learn how to develop motor skills and visual and spatial skills.

These skills are learned through gadget-free playtime, not through an app or computer game.

You can help your child balance technology use by being physically active multiple times a day in different ways.

You can use the abacus to encourage play and learning at the same time.

Next, your child should have quality sleep. Not only that but being the role model you would want your children to become is helpful too.

For every 1 hour of online learning with our soroban school, put in a 30-minute physical activity session, such as jumping jacks in your garden or a quick run to the washroom.


Learning with Online Soroban will make learning fun for your child, stimulate their thirst for knowledge, and help them develop their minds.

Put these recommendations into consideration with what works for your family and make sure your choices are helping you and your child to become the best version of themselves.



Wonderful Benefits of Educational Apps
Wonderful Benefits of Educational Apps
Hesitating to download educational apps for your child? Fear no more as we will tell you all about educational apps. In this article, we will tell you tips and tricks to a good educational app.

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