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When Should Parents Introduce Children Games Video?

19 Aug,2020

When Should Parents Introduce Children Games Video?

When Should Parents Introduce Children Games Video?
Learning with technology can be fun with children games video.

This article will tell you everything you need to know before starting your first games with us.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. When Are Children Games Videos Most Effective?

When Are Children Games Videos Most Effective?

Everything about education and learning is changing every day.

In this article, students and parents can read all about games and videos that will help improve your performance in school.


1-1.Why Are Children Games Videos Rising in Popularity?

Why Are Children Games Videos Rising in Popularity?
Children's educational entertainment are programs designed for your child to entertain and educate.

It is usually scheduled during the mornings and afternoons when your child is awake.

Many television series made for little kids are educational, ranging from dedicated learning programs to those that indirectly teach the viewers.

Some series are written to have a specific moral behind every episode, often explained at the end by the character that learned the lesson.

Educational shows are a big relief to you as you wouldn't have to worry if your child is watching content suitable for their age.

It also introduces your child to other cultures and encourages early learning skills in math, literacy, and science.


1-2.How to Enjoy Children Games Videos and Manage Screen Time?

How to Enjoy Children Games Videos and Manage Screen Time?
There are many benefits your child will enjoy from educational shows like how it can help your child’s intellect.

In many studies, researchers have observed how educational programs can aid in boosting children’s intellect.

Surprisingly, children aged two to seven who watched a few hours of educational content or play a few games per day performed better on academic tests than those who didn’t watch television.

They also found children who spent most of their television time watching shows like cartoons scored lower than those who viewed educational ones.

Therefore, it is important that you monitor what your children are watching and show them educational programs instead of simply letting them watch cartoons.

These forms of entertainment are becoming little teachers for your child.

Whatever your child may be interested in, there is likely an educational show on that subject.

Educational shows and fun activities are a great way to open your child’s mind to a variety of things and help them learn about topics they may not be exposed to at school.

On the other hand, educational content can reinforce what your child learns in school and provide a supplementary method of teaching children about important subjects.

They are also acting as a good role model for your child.

When children are exposed to content that are suitable got them, they are bound to be influenced by the characters they see.

Allowing your children to watch and play with characters who promote positive messages like healthy living and helping others will influence them to make good choices.

Making sure your child is keeping their television time to a minimum and watching shows that are educational can actually help your child.

Educational television programs can provide them with more knowledge and greater insight into the world that will help them mature into a well-rounded adult.

However, it is important that parents do not forget to balance your child's screen time as too much screen time may cause behavioral problems, educational problems, obesity, sleep problems, and even violence.

Here are some tips to help you balance your child's screen time.

By removing televisions, computers, and cellphones from your child’s room, your little ones will not be affected by bad sleeping habits, gaming, and social media addiction.

Online Soroban also recommends not allowing mobile devices at the dinner table.

It is also important to implement a scheduled time for electronic entertainment and spending time online so as to make time and room for other activities like a board game or going to a park or spending time with friends thereby giving room for a good social life.

By setting a good example of balancing screen time ourselves, your child will learn by watching parents balance your screen time.


1-3. Everything About Children Games Videos Online

Everything About Children Games Videos Online
As a parent, you could be wondering if your child can learn online with shows.

Surprisingly, between just classroom and online training, solely learning online was proven slightly more effective than solely learning in a classroom.

On average, children who watch educational shows perform modestly better than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.

Online learning approaches appeal to a wider variety of different content and learner types. So online training worked well with students young and old, males and females, affluent and disadvantaged.

Online courses are generally not as effective as in-person classes, but they are certainly better than no classes and will be most effective when parents combine learning on the internet with physical play.

In traditional classroom-based courses, there is an ongoing problem with children's attention span.

Sometimes, most are unable to connect with the course materials or instructors.

You may have noticed attendance suffer, and soon enough, some may quickly fall behind their peers.

While there are many reasons for the drop-off, it is an issue that continues to plague offline courses. Research indicates that online courses can be better at engaging children, boosting retention rates up to 60% in some instances while video content is projected to account for 80% of all global web activity by 2019.

It’s little surprise that online learning is getting more popular.

Learning and using online education platforms provides a greater degree of flexibility, it can be less stressful to manage alongside other commitments.

Furthermore, there is less pressure to engage the children, as you have the help of devices, apps, and multimedia tools to make learning a more interactive and enjoyable prospect.

Pair that with Online Soroban’s ISHIDO-SHIKI teachings, learning with us can also reduce bad behavior in your child.

With discipline by repeating sequences, new words, or repeatedly watching the same show across a number of days, can enhance your child's learning, memory, and allow them to apply knowledge with our games online.

The more familiar learning with us is, the more likely your child will learn from a similar program.

Repetition helps your child to store more detailed representations of the information in their memory.

While watching the same children’s TV show with your child may be tedious for you, it is beneficial for your child.


Educational entertainment is good for children as it encourages them to their minds to learning new things.

Paired with Online Soroban's academic support, have fun learning in new ways!



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A Introduction to Children Games
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