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Why Do Students From All Over the World Use the Abacus?

18 Aug,2020

Why Do Students From All Over the World Use the Abacus?

Why Do Students From All Over the World Use the Abacus?
If you are looking at improving yourself when it comes to things like understanding the basics of mathematics, concentrating, improving one’s memory, improving listening skills, enhancing creative intelligence, you can learn with the classes taught by Online Soroban.

This article will anser your questions about why people still use the soroban today.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Why Is the Use of Abacus Still So Significant in Today's Society?


Why Is the Use of Abacus Still So Significant in Today's Society?

Known for being a popular calculation tool in a number of European countries including the UK and France, as well other non-European countries like Russia and China, the abacus, also known as a counting frame, was (and still is in some areas in the world like China especially with individuals who are blind) widely used as a math device when performing and checking numerical calculations.

Before its invention back in 1200 A.D., the only means of performing or checking calculations was through the use of stones on the ground. In some instances, people used their toes and fingers while others still relied on the not so reliable counting board.

This, as you can tell didn’t make the process of calculating easy and as such, the introduction of the abacus as a counting tool was happily accepted in a number of countries around the world.

Something worth mentioning when talking about the abacus, especially for anyone who is new to it is that the letters in the word itself all stand for something.

In other words, they all have meaning.

The A in Abacus for instance stands for Abundant, the B stands for Beads, the A represents Addition, and the C means Calculation while the U and S mean Utility and System respectively.


1-1.Why Do People Use Abacus Even Today?

Why Do People Use Abacus Even Today?
Now that you have some slight information about the abacus, it is time to go even deeper by looking at what it's all about.

So what is it all about you ask?

Well, for starters, a soroban is basically a manual aid consisting of disks and beads that are used in calculating a number of mathematical questions thus the reason for it being referred to as a calculating tool.

Key to note here is the word “aid”, the Abacus only helps us perform calculations; it doesn’t do the calculation for us.

It is important to point this out for anyone keen on learning what the soroban is all about because some publications don’t clearly point this fact out.

Therefore, for one to perform a calculation back then and even now using this as the tool of choice, he or she was (is) required to move the disks and beads up and down depending on the calculation they are doing be it addition, subtraction or multiplication.

You can think of the soroban as a calculating tool that basically helped one in remembering what already has been counted.

Let us highlight some of its facts. Even better, we are going to only highlight three fun yet important facts about this amazing century-old calculation tool.

The first fact about the soroban only applies if you are using any of the common versions available today in the market.

One such version is the Soroban. If this is so then you can easily make it read zero by simply pulling along the center of the frame.

The second fun fact about this tool is that it is also centred on the different versions available but this time it’s on one particular make and that’s the Aztec version.

What’s interesting about it? Well, it’s made using maize. Yes, maize is also known as corn.

The maize (corn) is carefully threaded through strings making them easy to slide.

Of course, it’s very hard to come across a soroban that’s made using maize today but back then finding the Aztec version wasn’t that hard.

Additional fun facts include brain development as well as enhancing the mental arithmetic abilities in small children and learners.


1-2.Why Is the Abacus Used in Daily Routines? How?

Why Is the Abacus Used in Daily Routines? How?
After a period of time, students who have mastered the soroban will learn how to do mental calculation effectively.

They will be able to perform tasks such as counting money, calculating time, solving problems in an organised and efficient way, and even have improved critical thinking skills. Let us read more about the benefits and how they contribute to a user’s daily activity.


1-3. Why Are There Benefits of the Use of Abacus?

Why Are There Benefits of the Use of Abacus?
If you are thinking of getting yourself or your child an abacus, you will be happy to know that it has lots of benefits and not just in your life but also benefits for your brain.

One such benefit is the ability to improve one’s memory.

When using the abacus you’ll be stimulating your image or visual-based thinking inside your brain.

Ensuring that you positively manipulate this part of your brain regularly helps in improving your overall memory.

Another positive thing associated with making use of an abacus on your brain is improving listening skills.

By making use of the abacus regularly, you’ll be improving your brain's information processing and this ultimately helps in improving your listening.

Not many people have the ability to use both brain coordinates which helps in enhancing how your brain functions in general.

With Online Soroabn, you learn how to coordinate both sides of your brain.

The left side is done through numbers. Logic is used by the right side of your brain.

Continuously doing this helps in improving the communication and network of your brain thus help stimulate your entire brain.

This as you can tell, helps in enhancing how your brain functions.

Ability to concentrate is another benefit associated with the abacus.

This particular benefit is as a result of the many problem-solving activities that come with using an Abacus to make calculations.

Even better, these problem-solving activities require one to make use of their hands, eye, brain, ears, and much more.


You can easily start enjoying the benefits associated with the abacus by getting yourself one and start problem-solving using it.

Join one of the many institutions that offer the option of learning the abacus to learn under the guidance of experts.



Why Do Students From All Over the World Use the Abacus?
Why Do Students From All Over the World Use the Abacus?
Why is the use of abacus still highly desired by many today? Understand the benefits and wonders of soroban.


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