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Where Do I Find Children's Games to Play Online?

17 Aug,2020

Where Do I Find Children's Games to Play Online?

Where Do I Find Children's Games to Play Online?
Learning is now made fun and enjoyable with technology.

However, parents should be wary of the dangers of screentime.

In this article, we will talk about the places you can learn and play at the same time while balancing screentime for your little ones.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Why Are Children's Games so Important for Play and Development?

Why Are Children's Games so Important for Play and Development?

Kids love to play games whether it's online or physical ones.

When I was a child, I can remember that I played games like run and catch, hide and seek and football with my friends.

We were less interested in playing mobile games even though there were retro games like snakes and ping ball.

Teaming up with your friends and playing is not only about fun, but it is also about beautiful memories and experiences.

In recent years, things have changed now and the percentage of young mobile phone users playing physical games with their friends has rapidly decreased.

Nowadays, little kids prefer playing games on their mobiles rather than playing actual physical games.

We are unable to change the current trend but we can take a look at how this article helps guide the parents to find some of the best games available for their kids.

These games can’t give you the same experience as the traditional physical games but it sure can give something similar to it virtually and make the kids happy, socially active, increase their knowledge and make them healthy.


1-1.What Do You Know About the Children's Game That Can Be Played Online?

What Do You Know About the Children's Game That Can Be Played Online?
Even though technology has contributed to a fair share of many disasters and negative changes in human lives, they have also helped humans to develop in many ways.

In the old times, games were built just for the sole purpose of entertainment but in today’s society, games have changed to become more oriented towards educational children's games.

Educational children's games are the product and the combination of entertainment and knowledge.

Here, the idea that the act of playing is more enticing than studying.

On the other hand, parents want their little ones to study more and play less.

Online Soroban has created a teaching system that allows kids to study and play at the same time- isn’t that great?

Here, everyone can have the chance to learn and play at the same time.

Let us take a look at some of the best games available for kids on the internet.


1-2.Everything You Need to Know About Multiplayer Children's Educational Games to Play

Everything You Need to Know About Multiplayer Children's Educational Games to Play
With games created to improve student’s command of numbers, kids are able to learn and improve their mathematics knowledge.

Usually consisting of addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division, learning how to do calculations with Online Soroban lets you answer the question within a given time.

For each correct answer, get rewarded and unlock achievements when you have completed math questions with us!

This type of entertainment and educational methods are really fun and can increase the math skills of your young child.

The fun activities here have leaderboards and online multiplayer modes that allow the kids to compete with other students in real-time, even if they are from different parts of the world.

Another type of brain activity kids can do are puzzle types of activities.

These games are really fun to play with and have a beautiful picture broken down into several pieces.

The player has to put the puzzle pieces together to complete the picture.

When the player chooses the easy puzzle pieces, pieces will be lesser and if the difficulty is hard, the puzzle pieces will be high in amount.

Playing jigsaw puzzles have so many advantages as it reduces the chance of memory loss and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It can also help the kids to clear their mind and it also increases the creativity and analytics abilities of the brain.

A few suggested games are kids puzzle on the IOS, Magic Jigsaw Puzzle, Android Jigsaw Puzzles, and Android Physic Based Puzzle Games.

These games can highly increase the logical thinking capacity of the children.

Not only that, but these kinds of games will have a simple logical task and the player have to choose or do the correct action to complete the task.

One famous example of this type of game is called cut the rope.

There is a frog, a swinging candy, the player has to cut the rope attached to the candy at the right time, and at the right angle.

To win the game, the candy has to land in the frog's mouth.

These kinds of games can increase the logical thinking and quick decision-making abilities of your little ones.

There are also types of fun educational activities that can help the kids to learn new vocabulary and words while reducing stress at the same time.

Playing while learning reduces the chances of brain diseases.

Not only that, but modern crossword puzzles also have a multiplayer mode which can help the kids to be socially active and make new friends too.

A few examples you can find are Online Scrabble, Words with Friends, Word Brain 2, and  Languinis: word game.


1-3. How Do I Use Children's Games to Play and Manage Screentime Simultaneously?

How Do I Use Children's Games to Play and Manage Screentime Simultaneously?
Other genres of activities like puzzle games are important especially for kids because when they solve puzzles, it helps to stimulate their brains and train their brains to improve their abilities.

Playing and social interaction can help the kids in many ways such as making a quick decisions, increase logical thinking, increase problem-solving speed, increase concentration, increase memory capacity, and etc.

There are various types of activities that can help improve various aspects of the brain such as maths games or apps you can find on App Store or Google PlayStore.

Even though all these games have so many advantages and positive impacts on a kid’s brain, they also have disadvantages.

Let us not forget about the medium that we used to play these games.

The smartphone displays emit blue light which is harmful to eye cells known as photoreceptors.

These cells are located in the retina of the eye and are vital for the vision according to research conducted by the University of Toledo.

Death of photoreceptors is the main reason for the vision loss all around the US.

Hence, managing the screen time is really important and overuse of mobile phones can lead to vision damages and brain damages for kids and as well as for adults.

When it comes to screen time, children under the age of 2 years old should not be allowed to use smartphones at all because at that young age, the usage of mobile phones can damage the brain and eye cells.

Little kids within the age of 3-5 should be only allowed to use the mobile for less than an hour per day and children who are 6 or older have to limit their screen time 1-2 hours per day to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Every single thing in the world has its ups and downs.

As parents, we are gifted with the knowledge to protect ourselves.

We should apply the same precautions to the usage of mobile phones.

Instead of overusing the phone and damaging our eyes, we should limit our usage of mobiles and get only the goods out of it.

If you would like to maximise your time learning on your devices, please click on Online Soroban's website for more information now!


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