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Why Are There Educational Games for 7 Year Olds Online?

22 Aug,2020

Why Are There Educational Games for 7 Year Olds Online?

Why Are There Educational Games for 7 Year Olds Online?

How parents can find fun and teach? Using educational games for 7 year olds, education is developed with tech everyday.

It is possible to teach with fun and many games.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What Do Parents and Teachers Need to Know About Educational Games for 7 Year Olds?

What Do Parents and Teachers Need to Know About Educational Games for 7 Year Olds?

The word 'game' may seem small but when we look into the depth of it we realize that games, like abacus ones, do influence the growth of children.

Now, to be precise here 'video games' could be addicting to some kids.

It sure does increase the thinking capacity of the brain of the child but also causes few negative impacts such as addiction and how it could cause damage to the eye if played for a long time.

Hence, time management should be taken into consideration here as well.

The good impact on the other hand is the physical games.

Physical games like playing with an abacus help in the growth of the child. It helps the child sharpen their coordination levels, balance, gross-motor skills paired with movements like crawling and walking, and fine-motor skills especially with smaller movements like moving tiny beads.

Researches also mention that physical toys could actually strengthen the child and increase his/her immunity and build up confidence leading the child to be bold enough and play with kids even outside his/her box.

Confidence, physical growth, concentration, immunity rise are some of the major advantages a child receives when he/she is indulged in physical games.


1-1.What Do You Need to Know About Educational Games for 7 Year Olds?

What Do You Need to Know About Educational Games for 7 Year Olds?
Since the world is progressing with technology why should we keep the children away from this?

As the world is progressing, our generation is too!

You will be shocked to know about the endless online games that toddlers play in order to enhance their skills.

Parents play a crucial role in downloading an application and explaining to the child how to play the game.

However, supervision is necessary here too.

The types of online games young children around age 7 could play are Candy match where a seven-year-old kid improves visual attention and counting skills.

It increases the level of accuracy in terms of counting and increases efficiency.

There are also spot the difference games where kids older than 5 can use to improve visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

A child learns how to compare and find differences between similar-looking pictures and hence adds confidence in the child in terms of recognizing a certain image.

With online Soroban, fun animation and abacus classes enhance the visual memory of a child and also helps in decision-making skills.

It also has a plus point as it engages the child with music too.

Playing these things help improve short term memory of the child.

It also works on visual memory and number skills.

Other skills like visual scanning, planning and spatial memory skills are built and developed here too.

The above mentioned Online Soroban is very beneficial as a child is improving by just playing a game.

A game can be both fun and interesting too.

Talking about abacus games online; yes of course there are! There are a few that can be seen available on play store to learn abacus.

Learning abacus means building your mental math and laying a strong foundation for yourself which will help you in the near future.

So both online games and online abacus learning applications play a vital role in our lives to improve certain skills and to increase confidence in the child.


1-2.Discover Online and Offline Educational Games for 7 Year Olds.

Discover Online and Offline Educational Games for 7 Year Olds.
As there are many online games available on the internet, offline games too are proved to be beneficial.

There are many games such as alphabet matching and counting of numbers by making abacus flashcards and arranging chart papers.

Physical games such as running, skipping can also keep your child healthy and increase confidence by playing with 5-10 children at a time.

Every game has its own benefit and nothing is wasted because every small game enhances the child's motor skills and gross skills.

Talking about the existence of abacus games then there are certain games to be played.

Such as mathematical games with the help of toys and for abacus precisely, beads can be arranged and counting can be taught to the young children or the abacus itself could be used to do so.

A child should be given proper attention when he/she is involved in playing physical/offline games as he/she is still in the learning process and needs a mentor.

He/she should be kept under supervision and should be given proper attention and time.

Playing offline games or learning through abacus games are both very beneficial and necessary for the child to develop skills and to improve previous skills making the child more and more confident and smart and also sharpen his/her concentration and accuracy levels.


1-3. Learn How You Can Combine Education With Games Like Maths and Abacus Games

Learn How You Can Combine Education With Games Like Maths and Abacus Games
A child will be more interested in learning a particular math problem if he/she finds it interesting.

Now, for a child’s attention, abacus games are one way to start.

If we combine games with education and explain the child, he/she is going to love it and will obviously learn it much better and it will be stored in his/her mind for a long time.

Most of the parents who lack the knowledge of games being beneficial stops their children from playing games.

Kids who study for long hours ruins the mindset of the child and reduces their eagerness to learn.

Parents should be introducing games to the children which are related to their education so that the child feels like studying more.

For instance, parents should create abacus flashcards with numbers written on it and then sit with the child in an open area and teach the child to count by also making it interesting by singing, dancing, etc.

A child should be interested in the process or else studying would be termed as waste.

The brain of the child is very active when he/she admires a specific color or hears a song.

So, parents must combine all of this and educate their children like this instead of pressurizing the child into routine studying.

Parents must introduce abacus to the toddler so that till he/she grows up, he/she will be able to use the abacus brilliantly.

Parents should make abacus learning as part of the child's daily routine, even 30 minutes of regular abacus practice could work wonders on the child.

There are online as well as offline ways to learn an abacus and to excel in it. Every child must get an equal opportunity to learn it and enhance their skills with abacus.


I think good Educational Games for kids.

Learning with fun toys are the way to go!

Establish good habits and have your child eager to learn more by the time they are 7 years old!



Getting Smart With Educational Games
Getting Smart With Educational Games
Educational games are games that improve brain function. They are games that encourage education by using the hands-on approach. Click to learn more

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