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Sep 2021 New: 3 Benefits of Online Abacus Education for Students

12 Sep,2021

Sep 2021 New: 3 Benefits of Online Abacus Education for Students

Sep 2021 New: 3 Benefits of Online Abacus Education for Students
Online learning became wildly popular after the Covid pandemic which rendered most schools shut as the virus was spreading rapidly. Before that, we knew quite little about the actual benefits of remote learning because it was mostly utilized in exceptional cases. Over the last couple of years, the rate and need for sharing data remotely have nearly tripled. The relevance of digital tools and platforms is growing rapidly as more and more people join the world wide web. Learn all about the benefits of online education here.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Benefits of Online Education That We Take for Granted

Benefits of Online Education That We Take for Granted
Learning over the internet has many benefits depending on your field. Young kids can get nearly all their lessons covered with remote classes. This is how many schools are able to manage their curriculum over virtual classrooms for over a year now. Virtual classroom apps provide us the ability to seat up to 100 students at a time and teach them with the help of conferencing tools. Testing and feedback have been seamlessly covered by many apps which allow teachers to grade their students remotely. Online learning is the fittest way to get your education remotely. You can enroll in certified courses and complete them without having to go to school physically. Thousands of students and teachers are interacting with each other over digital platforms these days which has helped to save the academic year for them. The future of remote education is looking very bright especially with all the advancements and updates coming to digital platforms.


1-1.What Is Remote Schooling and the Benefits of Online Education?

What Is Remote Schooling and the Benefits of Online Education?
Learning online eliminates the need for managing and handling heavy books and notebooks. Everything that the students need to read and practice is available remotely in the form of digital books and tools. A range of apps helps students connect with their peers and teachers to communicate in real-time which forms the basis of remote education. All the data can be saved over the cloud, which reduces the risk of data loss or a hack. Digital tools are the backbone of the internet, which allows us to do various tasks online. When learning with these tools your children are getting hands-on experience with technology that will help them a lot in the future. Digital literacy is very important in today's world which is highly dependent on science and technology. Allowing your children to work with digital tools helps them prepare for what’s to come in the future at their workplaces and other areas that use technology-based tools. One of the biggest benefits of remote learning is that it has dropped the cost of education quite significantly. By eliminating the need for infrastructure, electricity bills, sanitation, and other formal requirements, remote learning ends up costing a lot less than standard degrees. Not to mention, students have access to their study material from any location that has internet connectivity at all times. As we are learning, testing and grading students over digital platforms is also much more effective.


1-2.Benefits of Online Education for Kids

Benefits of Online Education for Kids
Some of the most pressing benefits of remote learning are: 1. Flexibility: Students find it much easier to manage their data and study material online. There is no baggage of the backpacks weighing them down from fatigue. Children can now expand their library of books as much as they’d like and get access to new material with just a click. 2. Time management: When unnecessary inventory management and travel are cut out of the picture, students are left with plenty of time and energy to focus on their studies. Digital tools also provide help and guidance to students when necessary. Children learn to manage their time much better and are encouraged to make independent decisions. 3. Improved communication and collaboration: remote communication tools allow students to share and discuss topics in a safe and civil environment. Students learn the vital importance of working as a team and collaborating with people from different parts of the planet. Learning how to communicate effectively in virtual remote setups boosts your leadership and soft skills. 4. Critical thinking skills: Interacting with large crowds, in reality, can be nerve wrecking. Online communication tools allow us to engage with bigger crowds in a much relaxed and systematic manner. This allows students to harvest critical thinking skills and decision-making skills which are essential for their mental development. 5. Technical skills: There is no denying that technology and digital tools will play a huge role in our future. By letting your kids work in a technologically advanced environment, you are mentally preparing them to work in high skilled professions. Children who may become computer engineers and scientists in the future are going to need a lot of room to experiment and play around with technology.


1-3. Online Math Lessons and Benefits of Online Education

Online Math Lessons and Benefits of Online Education
Out of all the subjects, math is the one subject that needs extra practice and learning. This is the reason the majority of remote courses are based on or revolve around math. If you feel that your child is facing issues in their math classes or needs more attention in certain areas, then you are not alone. Nearly 60% of students are reported to have difficulties in math while growing up and tend to sway towards extra tuition and classes. Thanks to the internet, these students now have a reliable source of math education that can be done at home. Besides paid courses, there are tons of free lectures, books, and other study material available on platforms like Youtube, which can be great for starters.

Online courses for math are available in many shapes and forms. Depending on what your child prefers, you can either go with linear math courses or interactive ones that involve a bit of fun and entertainment. Whether you want to learn new concepts or practice math problems, it’s all there on the internet. If your child has room in their schedule, you can opt for courses from Online Soroban that will take around two to three hours per day. Courses based on individual topics are also available like arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and many more.



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