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Aug 2021 New: 2 Tips About How Abacus Calculator Works

20 Aug,2021

Aug 2021 New: 2 Tips About How Abacus Calculator Works

Aug 2021 New: 2 Tips About How Abacus Calculator Works
This short read helps studens and teachers learn about how abacus calculator works.

From its whys and hows to becoming a pro with numbers.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. How Does the Online Abacus Calculator Works?

How Does the Online Abacus Calculator Works?
The abacus is an ancient device that has still found a place on the modern work desk.

How can a device designed so long ago still have relevance in today’s world?

The reason is the simplicity and the ability of the soroban to be so good at its job.

The soroban is so simple to learn and use and once learned properly, it makes the user’s work so much easier than it really leaves no space in the hearts of its users for modern-day electronic tabulating devices.

But should you get an abacus if you want to use one?

How does virtual soroban found online fare against the ancient wooden frame?

Let's learn more!


1-1.3 Things About How an Abacus Calculator Works

3 Things About How an Abacus Calculator Works
The abacus is full of mind-blowing facts and interesting pieces of information, let us learn 3 little-known things about it!

It was not invented by China The common misconception is that the abacus was invented by China.

While the soroban has been hugely popularized by China and the most common version of the soroban is the Chinese abacus, the basic idea of the soroban was actually an invention of the ancient Mesopotamians!

There have been instances of finding abacuses over 4000 years old in ancient Mesopotamia.

Soroban is the easiest form to learn Soroban or the Japanese style soroban is the easiest to learn and is often considered the most blazing fast form of the abacus.

This helps the students best electronic tabulators even in many of the cases and the accuracy is incredible too.

The suanpan, which is the Chinese tabulator, is fast, but soroban has no match when it comes to a good combination of speed and accuracy.

It has psychological benefits Sure, the soroban is a mathematical device, but it is also seen that regular users of the abacus stay more relaxed than nonusers.

They also have an easier time being disciplined and following strict schedules.

The soroban is one of those devices which provides a lot of extra benefits along with the main benefit which is speedy calculations in maths.


1-2.How Abacus Calculator Works - Learning With Abacus Simulators

How Abacus Calculator Works - Learning With Abacus Simulators
When it comes to using an abacus, most people don’t want to shell out cash immediately.

And it is understandable.

Why would you pay for a device which you know provides no direct benefits and have never been used before?

No need to fret because we have various virtual abacus simulators online that can help you get a feel for the device.

Here we will list out a few of the websites that are currently offering virtual abacus to be used: The above websites all provide virtual soroban simulators or virtual abacus.

These can be used to do simple calculations and get the job done.

These simulators should not be used as actual soroban but only be used as a means to get a feel for the real abacus.

If you happen to like the rules and the concepts, it will be a great idea to join an actual soroban class and invest in getting an actual abacus.

Are virtual soroban or real soroban better?

This one is a no-brainer!

The real soroban is the best in every respect. Why?

Simply because the soroban was designed to be an actual device rather than a software idea.

The app developers have tried to integrate the soroban into their websites but of course, they cannot get the real thing quite yet.

It is therefore recommended to get an actual soroban if one plans to derive the real benefits of using a soroban.


1-3. Tips to Master How the Abacus Calculator Works

Tips to Master How the Abacus Calculator Works
The internet can be a great place for learning pretty much anything online.

Learning soroban online can be a great way to get a good hold of some soroban knowledge.

What are the best ways of learning about the soroban online?

Here we present some ways of learning abacus online: - YouTube: The most popular video-sharing website on the internet is a great knowledge house when it comes to learning soroban.

Whether you are learning the basics or more advanced techniques, you can find stuff here for your advantage.

The only drawback is that most knowledge you gain here will not fetch you a degree or certificate.

- Online Soroban: This is one of the websites to learn soroban from.

There are classes and topics crafted following the ISHIDO-SHIKI.

They share their best techniques for learning the abacus.

Moreover, a paid soroban course also provides a learning certificate which can be great for a teacher like yourself.

If you wish to show your clients that you have the required knowledge of the stuff, definitely grab that certificate.

- Tip: Practice a lot. Ultimately, the soroban is a mathematical device and with everything maths, it applies to the soroban too.

The more you practice, the better you will become, and practice really makes a man perfect in this sense.

Therefore you need to learn to build discipline and practice as much as you can learn the most in the least amount of time.


The soroban is seen everywhere these days, from schools to offices and businesses, everyone is taking advantage of the new old technology.

A smart mind would not stay behind the curve and actually learn the skill as early as they can.

Therefore learning the soroban can be a great option.

We also learned some little-known facts about the soroban which are surely going to help you ace conversations when things get nerdy!

If you are thinking of getting a wooden soroban, it is worth it to check out a simulator before investing in the real thing.

If you like the simulation experience then you will definitely like a real soroban.



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