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Aug 2021 New: 2 Unique Uses of Abacus Learning

26 Aug,2021

Aug 2021 New: 2 Unique Uses of Abacus Learning

Aug 2021 New: 2 Unique Uses of Abacus Learning
The techniques learned in an soroban class help the learners throughout their lives make decisions in a more mathematically informed manner. Let us learn more about the various uses of abacus learning!

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Uses of Abacus Learning for Students of All Ages

Uses of Abacus Learning for Students of All Ages
Abacus learning has always been on the high. As a skill, the soroban gains new learners every day and thousands perfect it on a daily. Abacus has proven itself as a worthy skill to be learned mainly because it deals with maths in a refreshing and easy-to-understand way. The increasing use of mathematics in almost all professions and walks of life has pushed people to learn more and become faster and faster at the subject.


1-1.Uses of Abacus Learning Mastering Mental Calculation

Uses of Abacus Learning Mastering Mental Calculation
Are you struggling with the mental calculation? Here we present some concrete steps and actions you should be taking to make sure your mental calculation stays at par with the daily needs of our time: Practice: Practicing is the number one tip that anyone can give about mastering mental calculation. Mathematics in general is mostly about practicing things. The more we practice the better and by extension faster we get at it. There is no substitute for a good practice session in the world of mathematics. This is why the saying that practice makes a man perfect is so true when it comes to maths. Simply no other way around it. Digit sum arithmetic: In mathematical arithmetic, digit sums can be very handy for making calculations faster. They can also be great for guessing the correct answer from a given number of choices which makes it a great technique to learn for competitions. Factorise: In multiplication and division, an operation can often be made much simpler by disintegrating it into factors. For example 10 = 2 x 5. It is much easier to work with 2 and 5 than it is with 10. This is why we often see professors factoring in numbers. The technique also helps understand the primality of a number as well as the least common multiple and the highest common factor of the given number. Distribution: In mathematics, distribution means multiplying the partial sums of a number at a time to make a bigger multiplication operation easier. This way even bigger numbers can be easily operated in the head and the results can be highly accurate with simple practice. To learn more about the techniques mentioned above, please visit the Online Soroban website.


1-2.What Are the Few Uses of Abacus Learning?

What Are the Few Uses of Abacus Learning?
This is one of the FAQs. A lot of people and students who are considering learning the soroban wrestle with this. What can the soroban actually teach you? Well, we are glad you asked. Here we will try to list out the potential benefits that a curious learner might derive from learning abacus: Basic understanding of numbers: While that does not sound very exciting, it does lay the foundation of the more exciting stuff that lies ahead in mathematics. If you do not understand the numbers properly, you are not going to have much luck with the subject in general and abacus can help you understand numbers, effectively making your entire maths journey a tad bit better. Fast calculation: Abacus users are not known as human calculators for nothing. There have been multiple soroban champions who have defeated actual computers when it comes to calculation speeds. So learning the soroban can definitely increase one’s calculation speeds. The different techniques taught in soroban classes help make things easier for doing all the four basic operations of maths. Improved visualization: Regularly using the soroban helps improve the visual capacity of the person. This is why students who take regular abacus classes tend to perform better in science subjects. The improved visualization helps them understand complex topics in a much easier way than other students. Increased confidence: Students who learn soroban feel more confident than those who don’t. The confidence of having an additional skill is incredible. They may be given a lot more respect by their peers and teachers may look at them as brighter students than the rest of the lot. All this culminates to give them a great confidence boost which surely helps them.


1-3. Uses of Abacus Learning With the Internet

Uses of Abacus Learning With the Internet
If you are looking to learn math, the internet is probably the best place you can get. The internet serves as a giant reservoir of knowledge, which we can tap whenever we need to learn anything. Here we list ways of learning maths through the internet. Basic Maths If you would like to learn basic maths, the best way would be to join Online Soroban. They provide small, bite-sized video lectures in easy-to-understand languages. There are a lot of diagrams and videos used to help you understand them easier. The lectures are supplemented with explanations and there are exercises that one can take. The best thing is that there are free demos that you can try out. High School Maths Even for high school maths, Online Soroban is still a great option. They provide enough practice exercises to get the lesson home. In case you are having trouble with some of the trickier concepts, look for video lectures on youtube for a clearer picture. The video explanations are to the point and done in a very classroom way of doing things, so the content is highly relatable for students. College Level Maths This is where the free content starts to dry out a bit. There are still some great options available though. The MIT website provides great content. There are still useful tools from Online Soroban that you can master mental math with.


Abacus is a great choice for school and college students alike.

If you are looking to improve your mental calculation speeds, look no further.

Properly learning the soroban will make you a champion in mental calculation and will help you score better in your maths exam.

If you are looking to learn more maths, we discussed the best ways of getting some math knowledge on the internet.



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