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Aug 2021 New: 2 Ways to Make Money Online for Teaching Beginners

27 Aug,2021

Aug 2021 New: 2 Ways to Make Money Online for Teaching Beginners

Aug 2021 New: 2 Ways to Make Money Online for Teaching Beginners
Setting up a remote career is not that difficult at all. If it were, we won’t be seeing people in such droves moving to online work and work from home that easily. There would be a fair bit of inertia involved but everyone seems to have readily agreed to work from home, that only proves how easy it is to get started online. Learning ways to make money online for beginners can be a quick and informative read.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Tips to Make Money Online for Beginners

Tips to Make Money Online for Beginners
If you are interested in making some extra cash by teaching online, then there was never a better time to get started. The pandemic has crushed the offline teaching businesses and most of them are moving to the online mode. The internet is where all the students are now. So it makes sense to make the best of the opportunity and get started on your online earning spree right now! But what problems might one encounter? Are there any licenses or hidden costs involved? In this piece, we discuss the steps in detail to help you set up a remote teaching system and help you make easy cash!


1-1.Introduction to Make Money Online for Beginners

Introduction to Make Money Online for Beginners
The very first step to a remote career is to have a solid and reliable internet connection. If you don’t already have it, consider getting wifi or a broadband connection that is fast enough to handle all the load of your work. Of course, you will need more speed as your work and business grow but starting with the basic plans is usually a good idea. Next up is having proper hardware. You need a proper microphone to speak in and at least a decent webcam so that your students can see you. Other than that you will need a tablet, most probably a Wacom tablet on which you can write and the students can see it as a blackboard. In a traditional classroom, we won’t need a Wacom tablet but in absence of an actual blackboard, we will be using this. Once we have the hardware figured out, we can start thinking about the teaching material. Teaching an abacus requires that you have at least one abacus, though it is more preferable to have two at the same time so you can demonstrate concepts better. You might want to consider getting a giant abacus that you can hang on the wall, usually, those are easier to see in a video session. And that is pretty much it. Based on your skill level, you are ready to get started.


1-2.Teaching the Abacus Online to Make Money Online for Beginners

Teaching the Abacus Online to Make Money Online for Beginners
Teaching the abacus online can be done in multiple ways. Here we enumerate some of them: - Start your own channel online: This is probably the easiest, the most popular, and the most paying option right now. Having a successful YouTube channel has turned people into millionaires overnight. It mostly depends on your content. If your educational videos are good and well received by the community, you are going to make great money in them. The best thing is that it is a beginner-friendly option. - Start your own blog: Starting your own blog or website can be a great way of doing things. Having a blog gives you more control over everything. We do not get this level of control with a YouTube channel because we are the actual owners here. Having your own blog also means better earning opportunities because we won't have YouTube constantly eating into our revenue. Is teaching abacus online a hard task? It is actually quite the contrary. Teaching the abacus online is not a hard task at all. The only hard task there is to find paying students. Most people who go online to study are looking for free content. And the answer to that problem also lies in the fact that we adjust our way of earning to an ad-based model of earning. Ad-based earning allows the consumers to have the content for free while allowing the creators to make money at the same time through the use of ads.


1-3. Getting Certified as an Abacus Teacher and Start to Make Money Online for Beginners

Getting Certified as an Abacus Teacher and Start to Make Money Online for Beginners
Getting certified as an abacus teacher is an easy process though depending on your situation, it may be a lengthy or shorter one. Why get certified? The first thing you should know is why it is important to get certified in the first place. Basically speaking, your certificate will be the chief attracting piece of document. It provides credibility to your work and proves to the potential clients that you actually know stuff and can teach. Choosing the right kind of certification Depending on your country there may be a couple of options here. - Government-based certifications: In some countries, the governments want to encourage the use of the abacus so they have introduced abacus-based courses for teachers. At the end of such a course, the teacher would get a certificate saying you have the required knowledge. But if unfortunately, it is not available in your country then you can still go for private certification. To know more about the government certification in your country, check the local website of your concerned government department. - Private-based certifications: The first thing that comes to mind is costly. These certifications can be costly but on the other hand, they can pay really well too. If you happen to get such a certification, you will be able to attract a lot of potential students who would be interested in taking up your services. There are a plethora of institutions like that that offer short-duration abacus courses to teachers and provide certifications at the end. - Online Soroban’s certification: Getting qualified online does not need to cost an arm and leg. Our soroban school uses ISHIDO - SHIKI to help students learn and understand the abacus without complicating the subject.


In a gist, if you are a teacher looking to get a certificate in your name so that you can help yourself make better money, now is the best time to get things started. With the right approach, you can get a lot of clients really fast. If you are new to this field and haven’t yet started teaching, fear not because there is plenty of work online and there is enough for everybody. So it makes everything easier for everyone.

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