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Aug 2021 New: Ideas for Teaching Online - Teacher's Guide 101

25 Aug,2021

Aug 2021 New: Ideas for Teaching Online - Teacher's Guide 101

Aug 2021 New: Ideas for Teaching Online - Teacher's Guide 101
Math games are often a good way to change the mood in the class. Have your students break out their abacus apps and solve some quizzes or puzzles. Healthy competition in class goes a long way for every student. Unique ideas for teaching online are a source of opportunities that will enable students to develop leadership, team building, strategic, and other important skills.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Fun Ideas for Teaching Abacus Online

Fun Ideas for Teaching Abacus Online
"Teaching doesn’t have to be any harder than it is already. If you take care of certain factors, your process of teaching can become smooth and rewarding. Be it online or offline, as a teacher, you are as good as your ideas. If you want to stay on top of your game, you need to be aware of the latest updates and changes in your field of teaching. Lately, the transition from offline to virtual classrooms has been keeping teachers up all night. To make up for lost time, schools are under immense pressure to conduct preliminary classes digitally. A lot of time has already been lost to the pandemic and we have to adapt to the new situation as soon as possible. As teachers, this means you have to become proficient with online communication tools and teaching software. Once you have the technical side of things taken care of, the only thing that remains is the need for creative ideas to teach remotely. You have to consider many variables when trying to master your teaching game. Your students should not sway away if the lesson becomes too boring or monotonous. Practise and testing is another important aspect of education that needs to be taken care of. To ease your passage into the world of online education we have gathered some of the best ideas to teach your students."


1-1.What to Keep in Mind Before Finding Ideas for Teaching Online?

What to Keep in Mind Before Finding Ideas for Teaching Online?
You have to know that besides keeping your student’s attention during online classes you also have to cater to their mental development. Make sure you direct your students to be in a disturbance-free area when attending classes. Set rules and regulations for your students during online classes and let them know the importance of adherence. Rules such as when and how students are allowed to unmute for conversation will allow you to maintain control over your attendance. Breaking the flow of pressure is very important for young students. Teachers should be able to divert student’s attention towards creative and entertaining exercises, which is very good for their mental health. In order to recollect and comprehend the lessons taught during classes, students need to have a lot of productive and optimistic energy. Last but not the least, having the best online tools will improve your efficiency and performance during classes as a teacher. Make sure you have a functional workstation with a decently powerful computer to handle all your load. A good mic and webcam is a must if you want to maintain a good reputation as a teacher. Besides that, all you need to do is to deliver strong and effective ideas, some of which have been discussed in the next section.


1-2.Best Practical Ideas for Teaching Online

Best Practical Ideas for Teaching Online
As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to provide guidance and direction to your students when needed. Some practical ways to engage with your students during online classes are as follows: 1. Group discussions: Virtual classroom apps have services that let you conference with all your students at once. Use this service to their benefit by conducting group discussions and activities for your students. The ability to speak in large groups carries a lot of importance academically. 2. Surprise quiz and competitions: Kids are always up for some healthy competition amongst their friends. You can conduct surprise tests or competitions in the classrooms as a way of change from daily lessons. This can be very helpful in changing the classroom’s energy and creating new sources of interest in students. 3. Presentations: Task your students to create presentations on interesting topics using tools such as MS Paint, Excel, or MS Word. This will allow them to use some of their creative energy and also boost public confidence. You could give them any topics from science to math or history. Encourage them to do their own research online which will boost their mental skills. 4. Games: Playing games with your friends is always fun and at the same time a good way to learn new skills. Team up students from your classroom and let them compete against each other in strategy games or go on an adventure with abacus games online. 5. Co-curricular activities: Activities that are out of the standard curriculum but helpful in teaching new skills such as a new language are always a good idea for teachers. An hour of enrichment classes can refresh your children’s minds and vitalize their senses.


1-3. Ideas for Teaching Online: Using Abacus to Teach Math and Mental Exercises

Ideas for Teaching Online: Using Abacus to Teach Math and Mental Exercises
Abacus is a terrific tool to teach math, regardless of your student’s age or background in math. With an abacus, you are giving your students a mental tool for life that will aid them in all turns of life. When teaching online, an abacus can be made a part of your virtual classroom in many ways. For starters, ask your students to download the free abacus app on their digital devices. Having an actual abacus is always preferred but for instance, let’s say students are using abacus on their cell phones or computers. When working out math problems in class, encourage your students to use abacus instead of calculators or other tools. Working with an abacus can tremendously improve your time management skills. If possible, make your students use an abacus during exams, which can benefit them in many ways.


Teachers should have a clear mental picture of their plan and approach while teaching. Every move, idea, and decision will play a huge role in the lives of your students. By staying positive, creative, and motivated in your personal life, you can easily convey your knowledge to students with the help of digital tools and platforms.



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