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Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds: 2021 Newest Update

10 Jan,2021

Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds: 2021 Newest Update

Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds: 2021 Newest Update
Even though the rise of educational apps shows to be effective, there are apps for 11 year olds kids too.

This article talks about the different types of online platform for learning for kids.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Educational Apps That Are Helpful for 11 Year Olds

Educational Apps That Are Helpful for 11 Year Olds

In this era of technology, students are more pushed toward digital learning.

For parents, what we truly mean by digital learning is giving up notebooks or textbooks and instead of watching videos, learning through online platforms from home, or learning at school through a series of videos.

Apart from digital learning, certain applications help children gain knowledge.

The benefits of these applications are shortly seen.

If you are wondering how do these apps help us then you must surely consider the following points - first being; a mobile phone/a smartphone is portable and hence wherever you go, you can easily get access to these apps.

It does not matter if you are traveling on a train or walking on the road- these apps will keep you busy thereby maintaining the 'accessible anywhere, anytime' motto.

Apart from school and home, students need to have an escape of their own.

These apps help them fulfill that as well.

One can learn through various apps which we will become familiar with by the end of this article.


1-1.Supplementary Learning With Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds

Supplementary Learning With Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds
Apart from notebooks and basic school homework, 11-year-old needs supplementary education as it is also necessary to grow their general knowledge and their character rather than just academically.

Moreover, as you learn, students are likely to grow in different aspects too.

An 11-year-old must study regularly for 2 hours (on an average basis).

Parents should not pressure their children to learn more and instead motivate them to perform well and practice applying what they learn in school.

As it is said - "A child educated only at school is an uneducated child".

This quote speaks wonders about how parents play a major role in giving the right education even from home.

Supplementary education means additional education for the child.

After learning theories in school, the child is curious to learn more about them.

This is where the duty of the parents come to play.

As they educate their child about the theory learned at school, students can further understand the concept by applying what they know.

This helps our children ace a particular concept they may otherwise not.

Few examples are; geography mapping, arts and crafts, physical education - games; swimming, running, throwing, and catching without dropping the object.

Physical, scientific, historic, and geographic learning is beyond necessary for the child if they want to grow as an all-rounder.

The additional abacus education is also a stepping stone for kids who are interested to learn mental calculation and maths.


1-2.Improving Maths With Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds

Improving Maths With Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds
Learning abacus has proved to be very helpful and beneficial.

Abacus helps in making complex mathematics or arithmetical calculations very easily without the use of a calculator.

When a child learns abacus during the formative years, they do develop extraordinary skills in logic and understanding.

Their level of concentration and rate of accuracy also increases overtime.

Mathematics itself is an exercise of the brain.

The calculating skills and speed of the child will amaze you.

Even if a child practices for simply 30 minutes (on a regular basis), they will be able to perform complex calculations in no time.

It opens the mind and expands the brain's capability to solve complex problems.

Abacus training includes the coordination of the hand and eye which in turn stimulates the right side of the brain.

After every problem that the child has solved, they will become more focused and sharp.

Abacus has endless benefits that we might not even know.

Mathematics builds the ability of thinking.

It doesn't only help us with counting but also helps us to enhance the way we think.

Abacus training builds a positive attitude towards math which in turn is very good.

The photographic memory and auditory skills of the child are automatically sharpened.

Each time a child solves a problem mentally, he/she is in deep concentration and gets the desired result which is possible through abacus training.

Abacus helps a child to concentrate which in turn also helps him/her to focus on specific problems, be it at home or school.

Unlike rote learning Abacus training makes learning fun and easier due to which a child gets interested in learning.

For a child, the abacus may seem like a game or a toy.

But much more than what it seems like, Abacus is the right way to build the foundation of a child.

As children spend way too much time on their laptops and mobiles, parents can guide them into downloading certain games that help the child with mental mathematics.

Some of the applications like Online Soroban makes use of the technology craze and enables children to grow exponentially.

With the help of abacus games, a child can learn abacus with the ISHIDO-SHIKI techniques and hence increase his ability of mental mathematics learning.


1-3. Importance of Educational Classes and Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds

Importance of Educational Classes and Educational Apps for 11 Year Olds
No matter how much we say studying from home is the best, educational classes are still a must in today's world.

These classes help us deal with problems, be it academically or in personal life.

Education is not only bound to notebooks but it also focuses on various aspects of life.

We shall speak about each of them: Mental aspect - a child grasps knowledge from educational classes.

They are exposed to various fields for say; literature, history, mathematics, civics.

General knowledge is something every child needs to have.

The mental aspect purely is based on thought processing.

Social aspect - when a child is growing, they are always surrounded by family or family friends.

Educational classes make it a point to indulge the child with other students and help them get rid of social awkwardness and social anxiety.

Many children face the problem of social anxiety due to a lack of interaction with people and other children of their age group.

Educational classes play a crucial role to build a strong foundation in this very field.


What we conclude in this article is that - educational apps are necessary for children.


Of course, they require parental monitoring as they are younger.

With parental monitoring and excellent educational classes, a child can excel in academics while having a very positive outlook on academics and life.



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