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Hidden Fast Facts About Math: January 2021 New

13 Jan,2021

Hidden Fast Facts About Math: January 2021 New

Hidden Fast Facts About Math: January 2021 New
Besides covering the pressing issues of child care and learning we will also be talking about fun facts to overcome them.

We have included expert advice from teachers and educators around the world with respect to mathematics and fast learning techniques.

There is quite an extensive coverage of a few facts about online math learning done.

Parents can also quickly read about educational math facts not shared in schools.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Fast Facts About Math That You May Not Know About

Fast Facts About Math That You May Not Know About

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects and tools, out of necessity.

The applications of math go beyond the understanding that we humans have so far.

It forms the basis of other subjects like science, language, history, social studies, and pretty much every field you can think of.

Math allows us to plan our day in advance, measure the amount of sugar we want to put in our tea, count the money before paying at a shop, weighing our body and the list can go on, but the idea is to understand our dependency on math.

Regardless of your age, there is a high chance that you use math in your daily life from the moment you get up in the morning.

Taking a look at the clock and checking what time you got up in the morning is probably the first mathematical activity of the day for many of us around the world.

This goes to show that math training in young children is not only essential but a mandate in today’s world.

Learning math and mastering your skills in today’s time is quite an exhilarating experience, given all the options students have.

As part of our research, we have made sure to include all the relevant facts that parents need to cover their child’s math education and development.


1-1.Learning Fast Facts About Math

Learning Fast Facts About Math
Fast math is one’s ability to perform mathematical calculations in their mind.

To put it another way, fast math can show you how well a given student can understand and perform in mathematics.

We use a number of tools to assist us in our daily calculations, namely cell phones, calculators, and such.

These tools help us in getting the job done fast, but they are actually a shortcut in reality.

Doing math operations in your head without relying on external tools is a mental exercise that enhances our mental strength and skills.

Tools like an abacus, which is meant to teach math through creativity and imagination are the best sources of learning fast math.

Our brain mainly consists of two regions, the left, and the right.

The left region is mainly responsible for logical reasoning, quantitative analysis, and measuring data, whereas the right side of the brain takes over creativity, intuition, and imagination duties.

Fast math boosts the mental activity in both, the left as well as the right regions of our brain.

This is achieved due to the brain using the imagination as part of performing mathematical decisions.

While working with an abacus, students’ needs to hold information in their mind and imagine the possibilities before making decisions.

This boosts the overall mental function, speed, and quality by an impressive margin.

Not only is this ideal for students in school, but even adults can benefit from fast math in their daily lives.


1-2.the Use of Abacus as One of the Fast Facts About Math

the Use of Abacus as One of the Fast Facts About Math
The use of the abacus by humans has been documented as far as history goes.

Parents and teachers have quoted abacus as ‘a boon for students’, ‘best educational tool’ and ‘best mathematical tool’.

From the current data on the usage and market analysis of abacus, it is currently at an all-time high.

With digital platforms joining other schools to promote abacus and fast math online, abacuses’ popularity has been soaring lately.

In 2021, students can get access to abacus lessons through multiple options.

Parents and students who prefer physical schools can locate their nearest abacus school and get certified training in abacus very easily.

People who prefer easier and less expensive options can look towards what the internet has to offer.

Online Soroban has the perfect balance of wallet-friendly and informative lessons in just one school.

Students are able to master fast math without having to attend physical schools, which is a good idea for children bored in quarantine.


1-3. Other Fast Facts About Math

Other Fast Facts About Math
Early planning and scheduling can lead to very positive and uplifting results with young children.

The malleability of young kids allows experts to come up with incredible teaching techniques and designs.

However, it is the duty of the educators and the guardians to be aware of these exciting techniques we talk of.

A modern world needs modern solutions.

Parents have to master their parenting game fast, otherwise, the train would’ve left the station already and it would be too late to do anything.

Math needs a strong foundation to set on.

This foundation can be strengthened by innovative ideas like math games, abacus, and enrichment classes.

Parents must have a basic analysis of their kid’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

This will help them in deciding which activity or technique suits their kid better. In other cases, it would be helpful to explain the issue to an expert or professional in child care.

Needless to say but parents and guardians play an even more important role in their kid’s lives than teachers at school.

Math is best learned during childhood with plays, exercise, social games, online games, fast brain games, and abacus.


A proper balance in teaching young kids nowadays can be achieved by using both online as well as offline education practices.

Both schools hold their own game very strongly and have a number of advantages individually.

Face to face teaching is a crucial part of learning for a child.

It teaches them to build trust and relationships with other people.

Social training is a massive part of the educational construct, which can only be covered in a classroom.

Math games, activities, and workshops can make the classroom experience full.

On the other hand, online learning is important from the future perspective of our children’s learning.

There is no doubt about the growing technology and its application, thus it’s best to start your children’s training at home in a controlled and safe environment.



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