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Line Abacus History - Learn Now With Online Soroban

04 Jun,2020

Line Abacus History - Learn Now With Online Soroban

Line Abacus History - Learn Now With Online Soroban
Are you looking for more information about line abacus?

Here, we will share with you the history of abacus and how the abacus works.

We will also tell you how the abacus has transformed into a learning school that can be done online today.

The possibilities are endless with abacus - learn how to do math with Online Soroban today.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Everything You May Not Know About The Abacus
2. What Do You Need To Know About Line Abacus



1. Everything You May Not Know About The Abacus

Everything You May Not Know About The Abacus

This age-old mathematic tool has been around for extremely long.

Even today, Japan still has this learning tool embedded in their school's learning curriculum.

The young generation of Japan is learning none other than the abacus.

Today, we see an increase in the demand for abacus education.

Before we dive deep into understanding the abacus and the line abacus, we will also be exploring the history of this calculating tool and how it is still being used today.

As reported by Vice, a news portal, the Japanese are still teaching the abacus and even holding annual abacus competition with it.

This competition consists of competitors using the mathematical tool to produce answers and numbers that includes values going up to trillions.

Not a single calculator was used. We will explore the origins of the calculator and why it is such a significant tool that has contributed to the success of many.


1-1.What Is The Abacus?

What Is The Abacus?
Also known as the soroban, the abacus is made up of little beads each representing different numbers.

It is a calculating frame that teaches arithmetic and the workings of mathematics.

This tiny yet mighty counting frame allows the beads to move in vertical directions.

To be exact, each little bead represents single numbers like one to nine and each column represents values going in tens, hundreds, thousands, up to trillions.

The abacus works by visually assisting those calculating with visuals.

Meaning, the abacus helps mathematicians, students, traders, and businessmen alike to see the numbers on the abacus frame while they proceed to calculate the other numbers in a question or accounting book.

Even though it is just a frame that has five beads in each column, did you know that the abacus can help you solve addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication?

And if you are more comfortable using the abacus, you can actually use it to solve square roots too.

In the abacus competition, competitors will see numbers quickly flashing across the screen.

The advancement in abacus has allowed people to use the abacus as what it is today.

In the following part of the article, we will be exploring the origins and history of the abacus.


1-2.The Different Functions of The Abacus.

The Different Functions of The Abacus.
When it comes to the abacus, the benefits of the abacus is not limited to only improving maths but many other things too.

For starters, did you know that the abacus helps increase concentration?

Calculating with the soroban is an activity that involves using both your hands, brains and the coordination of both.

Hence, it helps the abacus user focus on the problem at hand, making maths an easier problem to solve.

The abacus is also helpful towards students who are dyslexic as the beads on the abacus will help them learn maths without looking at numbers and words.

It not only improves their sense of touch, but it also allows them to understand mathematical concepts easily.

Students will be able to imagine and picture their hands moving while calculating maths.

Furthermore, learning the abacus increases brain reflexes and brain health.

When students have a better reflex, they will be able to complete tasks faster.

The abacus also serves as a tool to improve the memory of students.

With long exposure to the abacus, students will be more comfortable with problem-solving and will be able to remember things with ease.


1-3. Learning The Abacus In The Past Versus Learning The Abacus Now

Learning The Abacus In The Past Versus Learning The Abacus Now
In the past, students are required to attend classes physically.

In Japan, the abacus used to be a compulsory subject to learn in school.

Now, it is an elective class or an extra-curriculum activity.

Other parts of the world do not learn the abacus as much and rely on the calculator heavily.

Today, there is an increase in the demand to learn abacus.

This is why a group of abacus champions has teamed up to create an online platform where students from all over the world can learn how to use the abacus.
With the use of technology, we can bring abacus education to your doorstep.

We can be the change in our generation and let our friends and family use the abacus to improve their brain health and memory.


2. What Do You Need To Know About Line Abacus

What Do You Need To Know About Line Abacus

There is little to no information about the line abacus' history online.

After much research about line abacus, we have found some useful tips you might want to learn about line abacus.

Please read on to find out more about the line abacus.


2-1.The Story of Line Abacus

The Story of Line Abacus
The line abacus is another variation of the abacus.

Just like how the Chinese have a variation of the abacus (which is also known as the suan pan), the Greeks and the Romans have a variation of the abacus, which is known as the line abacus.

In the past, at around 2500 BC, there was not much technology and only simple tools existed.

With only a simple plaque, a leaf, or even the ground with sand, the Greeks and Romans used these writing tools to draw the abacus out.

The drawn abacus includes many columns of lines and symbols to represent single digits and multiple digits.

Because of how it looked, the lines inspired the abacus name.




Even though the history of the abacus is rich and has come a long way from its predecessors, there is still much to discover about the abacus.





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