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What Is the True Abacus Meaning for Japanese

20 Aug,2020

What Is the True Abacus Meaning for Japanese

What Is the True Abacus Meaning for Japanese
This article provides insightful information about the abacus and its meaning.

Users reading ths article can learn about how to learn the abacus and how to attend various abacus schools online.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. The Abacus Meanings Perceived by Professionals

The Abacus Meanings Perceived by Professionals

The English word abacus was borrowed from Latin, which in turn borrowed it from the Greek word abax, meaning tablet without a base or a piece of long rectangle board.

There is some evidence that the Greeks borrowed the word as well from the Phoenicians, as they did their alphabet, and that it has the same origin as the Hebrew word abaq, meaning “dust” or “sand used as a writing surface”.

In this article, let us read and learn more about the true meaning of the abacus otherwise known as the soroban.


1-1.How Is the Abacus Meaning Still Important Today?

How Is the Abacus Meaning Still Important Today?
Before the adoption of the Arabic numeral system in the late 14th century, the soroban was widely used throughout the world. In fact, the abacus had been widely used for millennia throughout the world by a wide number of different civilizations.

Some of these include the Sumerians, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greek, the Chinese, and the Indians.

Before written computation displaced its use, the idea of using the tabulating device for doing mathematical calculations was actually pretty simple.

Since humans had not come across the idea of numbers yet, they had to use something to represent the items of which they wanted to keep count.

At first, people used their fingers and toes.

However, as they had to count even larger numbers, they had to start to use something else of which they could find in great numbers.

Then, they started to use pebbles or beans for this purpose.

As the need to count even larger numbers grew, people had to find an easier way to keep count, since when they needed to count to 100 they had to find 100 pebbles.

It was when humans grasped the idea of a numerical base that they found a solution to this problem.

Then, the usual pebbles were replaced with pebbles of varying sizes assigning them different orders of units.

For example, by using a decimal system the number 1 would be represented by a small stone, 10 by a larger one, and 100 by an even larger one.

At this point, it was just a matter of time for the abacus to evolve into the device we know and still use today.

Today’s calculation tools are usually made of a wooden frame, rather than a piece of board.

Also, instead of pebbles, modern sorobans use beads that move up and down either rods or wires attached to the top and bottom end of the frame.

Although the soroban largely fell out of use after the adoption of the Arabic numeral system, it was still used for every-day transactions by merchants, traders, and clerks.

Even today, after the invention of digital calculators, we can find store clerks and traders who still use the bead device for their daily transactions.

The calculating board is still commonly used today in some parts of Africa, China, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the post-Soviet states of Central Asia.

Even as the use of the abacus for doing mathematical calculations fell out of practice, the late 20th and early 21st century witnessed a revival of the practice.

The focus is entirely new, though.
Today, this tool is used mainly for educational purposes, brain development, and brain health.



1-2.What Is the Abacus Meaning Online?

What Is the Abacus Meaning Online?
Many schools have started to market the practice around these benefits as well as, of course, improving our abacus skills.

This includes the many online soroban schools that have appeared around the internet lately.

Online Soroban teaches you how to use the soroban to solve mathematical problems by using the visualization technique.

Some of them even offer to certify you as a professional mental calculation trainer.

All of the abacus training is often offered through various prerecorded videos and knowledge checks.

This online abacus training makes learning mathematics very comfortable since you can program your own schedule and have your lessons in the comfort of your own home.


1-3. Perks of Abacus Meaning and How to Learn Online

Perks of Abacus Meaning and How to Learn Online
Following the philosophy of learning through play, the abacus is being used at schools to teach young children the concept of numbers and basic arithmetic operations.

Aside from its didactic applications, learning to use the soroban brings a number of incredible benefits, such as having higher concentration skills: While being trained in this practice, we not only learn to calculate using the calculating tool but also learn to perform mental calculations within our own mind.

This technique consists in doing mental calculations with the aid of a mental abacus by visualizing one within our mind. Since the calculations are done inside the mind of an individual, we need to virtually perform them as if they were being practically done on a soroban.

To do this, we need to remember each and every step, which requires a lot of concentration. This practice radically improves concentration skills over time.

Furthermore, mastering the soroban also gives us better critical thinking skills: There are many different ways to solve a problem using the tabulating device.

This means that when we are using the tool to solve a problem we have to determine which procedures are better suited for solving that specific problem.

When we solve a problem using the visualization technique, we need to remember the last position of every bead on the soroban or suan pan.

By performing this process over and over we improve our capacity and ability to remember information over time.

Last, with faster speed, we can solve mathematical problems over and over and the speed at which we solve them can increase to the point of matching a calculator.


There are countless perks and they have been proven to help you excel in every aspect of your life and in any field you choose.

They can also help you increase your chances of landing a good job position as these skills are highly sought after by employers.



How to learn abacus online
How to learn abacus online
Learn how to learn abacus online. This is an article for those who want to learn the abacus at home, because the abacus classroom will be concerned about the eyes of others. Click here if you want to learn the abacus online at home without going to your own time


Abacus everywhere in the world
Abacus everywhere in the world
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